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Trophy gallery, part 2 (With help from u/Gwultz)

(Thank you to u/Gwultz for helping me with these trophy descriptions. Huge shout out to 'em.) With that being said, here's "Best of the Smash AU trophy gallery, part 2."

Dennis (alt 2)
You'd think that Dennis would take to the merging of all dimensions into the world of trophies like a fish out of water, but not long after the Neo Subspace Army rose, he took a job from SMG3 to serve as a primary enforcer. From duking it out with Noctis in a high-speed vehicular duel to defending the Toppat transport train, this furious fish has a bad habit of rigging fights in his favor by keeping several stolen Endoskeletons on standby to attack. What a crook!
Flamethrower Bare Endo
I'm certain you're wondering how we at Fazbear Incorporated build all your Fazbear friends+ to life, then look no further than Flamethrower Bare Endo! His high pressure flamethrower allows him to fuse all the bits and pieces together with jaw-dropping ease, and he doesn't require eat or sleep!++ From Friendo Endo+++ to even ol' Freddy himself, you can take heart in knowing that every single one of our classic characters was built to last.
+This phrase is copyrighted by Fazbear Incorporated, and use of it for business or pleasure without proper consultation from the Fazbear legal team is grounds for us to sue.
++Fazbear Corporate cannot and will not confirm or deny any accusations of us forcing our workers to neglect eat and sleep regardless. Remember: You can't prove anything!
+++Due to a minor shipping snafu, Flamethrower Bare Endo and Friendo Endo share remarkably similar serial numbers and other such internal data, so Fazbear Incorporated is not responsible for any damage incurred if, by some miraculous mix-up, Flamethrower Bare Endo is delivered to your house instead of Friendo Endo, even and especially if Flamethrower Bare Endo goes haywire. Again, you can't prove anything!
First appearance: FNAF AR: Special Delivery
Doctor Zomboss
Full name Edgar George Zomboss. This postmortem brainiac maniac graduated from college at the top of his thanatology class, and immediately set about the construction of a powerful Zombot mech and a massive zombie army, seeking to dominate his local suburban subdivision. Short in stature and in temper, Zomboss is quick to berate his zombie troopers whenever a plan to beat the plants goes pear-shaped. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies
King Knight
Once thought to be the champion who would save the valley from the Enchantress, King Knight let his pride and ambition go to his head, and soon turned against the people to join her evil Order of no Quarter. Cocky, blustering, and eager to set straight any who dare to knock him from his usurped throne, this gilded goon is a force to be reckoned with, even in spite of his soft spot for his beloved mother. First appearance: Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope
Coming from a long line of evil tyrants , Kaos strives to defeat the Skylanders and conquer the Skylands once and for all, both to satiate his own pride and to one-up his much more successful family. Though his arrogance and lack of evil street-smarts often comes back to bite him, he is still not to be underestimated. His DOOMSHARKS are a sight to behold! First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure (console edition)
The two warring deities of light and dark, Galeem and Dharkon, were so preoccupied with their battle against the Smash Brothers and each other that they were thoroughly unprepared for Ultron (now possessing the body of YHVH) infecting them both with his highly advanced new Ultron virus. Seeking to satisfy his own morbid curiosity as well as defeat the Smashers, the AI fused the two gods into Ahlgon, God of dusk. With both gods still locked in bitter combat inside this unstable fusion, Ahlgon is constantly at war within itself, and now craves the bitter yet merciful embrace of death even as it lashes out at the Smashers with everything it has. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
Makoto Yuuki (Persona series)
This second year student is different than most: Having a bit of Death trapped within him, he found the Ability to form bonds with others. First appearance: Persona 3
This cherry loving Stand user had 50 days of friendship, before he sacrificed himself to reveal the stand ability of DIO. First appearance: Jojo's bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.
One of the primary commanders of the Subspace army, Duon packs two varieties of punch. His blue half can cleave foes in two with a flurry of sword strikes and charge attacks, while his pink half can lay down hurt from afar using two arm cannons and a mortar integrated into his head. Neo Tabuu expended plenty of Shadow Bugs in order to bring Duon back, but as a result of the damage sustained in his first bout against the Smashers on the battleship Halberd, Duon has gone from strong-but-silent war machine to chipper, occasionally snarky assistant bot, though he retains his deadly combat ability and loyalty to Tabuu. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
You thought that it was a different trophy, but it was him! DIO (all caps necessary) has been the vampiric mortal foe of the Jojo family line for generations. Though he doesn't have Death himself on his side like a certain other vampire, he does have a flair for the dramatic, significant physical prowess, and a powerful stand that allows him to freeze time for ten seconds. However, he's quite cocky, which tends to be his downfall more often than not. So, kind of like Dracula, but with a bit of Bowser thrown in, which would explain his passing resemblance to one of the Koopa King's alternate skins.... First appearance: Jojo part 1
Henry Stickmin
A kleptomaniacal stick figure with plenty of adventures under his belt, Henry's gotten himself in and out of too many jams to count. Stealing gems, busting out of prisons, bringing down criminal organizations, you name it, he's done it, in spite of (or perhaps because of) his wildly unpredictable luck. Though Henry started out as a simple petty thief, later games in his series would allow players to set him on more altruistic paths. One has to wonder, what's next for him? First appearance: Breaking the Bank (or crossing the pit if you want to get technical)

Yang Xiao Long
Ruby's older sister, and quite the brawler! With her dual shotgun gauntlets, Ember Celica, she can hit quite hard. And with her semblance, Burn, you can bet she's a bartender's worst nightmare! First appearance: Yellow trailer, or RWBY Volume 1
He has chortles! This green Beanbean Kingdom Resident fights using his vaccum helmet, and an arrangement of technology! First appearance: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (2003)
Aperture Science Turret
Standing guard over the long abandoned testing facilities of Aperture Science, these Turrets operate on a simple, yet effective, subroutine: if something catches their eye, they'll shoot. Simple as that. Each turret eschews the traditional gunpowder-using chamber mechanism in favor of launching bullets with springs. Though each projectile packs way less of a punch because of this, it allows them to store 100% more bullet per bullet. First appearance: Portal
Kaos tasked this big bot with drilling for the lost city of Arkus at his big rig. Drill-X often got bored with the monotonous process, and attempted to alleviate his boredom by picking up a side career in rapping, so don't be surprised if he spits fire as hot as the fireballs launched from his drill during battles against him. After being defeated by the Giants and taking on the brief career as a chef, Drill-X returned as part of the Neo Subspace army, integrating himself into Metal Gear REX to dish out twice the painful payback. First appearance: Skylanders Giants (console edition)
Star allies sparkler
You thought the Dragoon and the friend star packed a pink punch? Take a look at this baby! By harnessing the power of their best friendships, Kirby and his Star allies transformed the friend star into this new vehicle to chase after Void Terminia. With the ability to fire powerful charged unison blasts and fly at the speed of light, the Neo Subspace Army got a firsthand taste of friendship power at the wings of this baby in chapter 999: The great invasion 2: electric boogaloo. Even I have to say it, that scene was awesome! First appearance: Kirby Star Allies
Hole punch (Paper Mario)
Hole punch loves to jam out to some sick beats! In the Neo Subspace army, he serves under King Olly AND Neo Tabuu! First appearance: Paper Mario the Origami King (2020)
Belle Fontire
Tascorp's very own Meta Runner was actually on the heroes side during Subspace 2. The only thing that matches her gaming skill is her attitude! First appeareace: Meta Runner (2019)
Fall Guy (alt one)
The Fall Guys game show was rife with a variety of comical yet painful booby traps, ranging from bouncy bumpers to swinging wrecking balls, and Fall Guy can wield and deploy all of them as part of his move set. This is a bit of a triple-edged sword: these traps can launch him around just as much, but Fall Guy has the unique ability to deal damage to enemies he gets launched into. Sometimes it's worth taking a knock on the noggin to close out that final win! First appearance: Fall Guys
Doctor Zomboss (alt 2)
When Zomboss was called into another dimension by Neo Tabuu, he had fully expected to leave the Subspace demigod speechless with his intellect and zombie army. However, it was the Doctor who was left speechless, as the neon butterfly of death threw him out on his ear. Fuming from this humiliation, the brainiac maniac found a kindred spirit in Kaos, who was similarly rejected. Though the two at first bickered over who would conquer where and who was the bigger evil genius, both undead and dark portal master soon found that they had plenty in common, such as hatred of a bearded arch-enemy's army and the incompetence of their minions, and hit it off swimmingly from there. Now the dastardly duo seek to put pay to both the Smash Brothers and the Neo Subspace Army, and rule over all worlds for all time. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies
Ruby Rose (Alt 2)
Ruby has seen death itself now. ANd now, in her Mistral outfit, she's ready to take on anything! (Yet the dead are still alive) and she's ready to help the heroes! First appearance: RWBY volume 1
Wheatley (Portal)
Wheatley is now in control of the facility, and Neo Tabuu makes sure to check on him and his little death traps. Wheatley was secretly planning on getting his vengeance on GlaDoS, and the person who threw him into space.
Bare Endo
Though we at Fazbear incorporated make our top priority to bring food, fantasy, and fun to families of all shapes and sizes, we still have a business to run, so you'll have to understand if renting out our beloved characters through our patented Special Delivery app is a touch above your budget. But that doesn't mean we can't offer a more affordable option to bring yourself some joy! Introducing Friendo Endo! Available for rent at a discounted price from the rest of your Fazbear Friends, Endo won't let his lack of a costume stop him from giving you a fun time, and you can dress him however you want! And for a small additional fee, we'll send him to your home decked out with the latest in AnimStealth technology. Friendo Endo, the latest addition to the Fazbear Family, dedicated to bringing you Food, Fantasy, and Fun! (Brought to you in partnership with the Neo Subspace Army. Warning: Fazbear incorporated is not responsible for any damage incurred if Endo goes haywire, including damage to hearing sustained from his stunning sonic screech. Remember: you can't prove anything!) First appearance: FNAF 2
Neo Tabuu puts these walking bundles of shadow bugs back into the fray as cannon fodder, but due to his more limited supply of power, these guys are a little less concentrated, from a literal and figurative sense. They'll just as often engage in dress-up as they will attack you, and one even joins Captain Goomba against the Subspace Army. They just don't make em like they used to, I suppose... First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Hyness and his three Mage generals were banished by the ancients for resorting to drastic measures to stop a great galactic crisis, and the leader of the Jamba cult was driven mad by this injustice. Seeking to get revenge on them, Hyness attempted to summon the dark God of destruction Void Termina, the strongest warrior in the galaxy Galacta Knight, and even sought to draw upon power from Another Dimension, corrupting him and his Mages in the process. Thankfully, Kirby and his friends defeated the officiant of doom and his generals at every turn, eventually purifying them with his friend hearts. Hyness is now back to being the kind soul he used to be, but he can still be a bit senile.... First appearance: Kirby Star Allies
The Necrodancer
Once a humble bard named Octavian, the mad whispers of the golden lute warped his mind, body, and soul. Now standing guard over his crypt, the Necrodancer raises an army of undead and monsters with his malicious melodies, and any who try to take his lute will be on the receiving end of of a deadly power chord! First appearance: Crypt of the Necrodancer
Dennis (alt 2)
You'd think that Dennis would take to the merging of all dimensions into the world of trophies like a fish out of water, but not long after the Neo Subspace Army rose, he took a job from SMG3 to serve as a primary enforcer. From duking it out with Noctis in a high-speed vehicular duel to defending the Toppat transport train, this furious fish has a bad habit of rigging fights in his favor by keeping several stolen Endoskeletons on standby to attack. What a crook!
Flamethrower Bare Endo
I'm certain you're wondering how we at Fazbear Incorporated build all your Fazbear friends+ to life, then look no further than Flamethrower Bare Endo! His high pressure flamethrower allows him to fuse all the bits and pieces together with jaw-dropping ease, and he doesn't require eat or sleep!++ From Friendo Endo+++ to even ol' Freddy himself, you can take heart in knowing that every single one of our classic characters was built to last.
+This phrase is copyrighted by Fazbear Incorporated, and use of it for business or pleasure without proper consultation from the Fazbear legal team is grounds for us to sue.
++Fazbear Corporate cannot and will not confirm or deny any accusations of us forcing our workers to neglect eat and sleep regardless. Remember: You can't prove anything!
+++Due to a minor shipping snafu, Flamethrower Bare Endo and Friendo Endo share remarkably similar serial numbers and other such internal data, so Fazbear Incorporated is not responsible for any damage incurred if, by some miraculous mix-up, Flamethrower Bare Endo is delivered to your house instead of Friendo Endo, even and especially if Flamethrower Bare Endo goes haywire. Again, you can't prove anything!
First appearance: FNAF AR: Special Delivery
Young Anakin
Before he was the towering dark lord of the Sith, or even before he was the trusted Jedi partner of Obi-Wan, Anakin Skywalker was a child, just like you or me. Born into a life of slavery, young Ani spends his time scavenging for parts to tinker with, and he's surprisingly resourceful for a boy his age, having built a protocol droid and repaired a defunct pod racer all on his own. However, his unnaturally high midichlorian count, as well as his desire to deliver him and his mother to better lives at any cost, serve as sobering reminders to his final destiny. First appearance: Star Wars episode I: The Phantom Menace
A vicious, cold-blooded predator, Dennis makes his living as an assassin and hired thug, and he really enjoys his work. In addition to his combat knife, he also makes use of his spiky boots to literally stomp out his targets. Holding a major chip on his shoulder ever since SpongeBob and Patrick managed to slip away from him, Dennis is determined to always get his man. First appearance: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Bowser's castle hangout
It's true what they say, "A koopas home is his castle." The infamous king Bowser Koopa spends most of his time here waiting for Mario to show up and rescue Peach. Pick your poison wisely when fighting on this perilous stage. The left side is populated with firebars and Thwomps looking to catch unsuspecting guests. The right side seems much more innocuous, but keep an eye on that axe- one good hit will send it tipping over, knocking the bridge out. It'll come back eventually of course, but anyone standing there when it collapses will take an extra steamy lava bath! First appearance: Super Mario Bros.
An annual contest where builders from all around the world show off their skills, the big winners of Endercon get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the famous warrior of the Order of the Stone, Gabriel. A large central platform will instantly be constructed in the middle for fighters to duke it out, but plenty of builds will show up for you to stand on, be them on or off the stage. Just don't get too comfy on them, cause they'll soon be taken down for the next build to take their time in the sun. First appearance: Minecraft story mode
Rubber band
One of the members of King Olly's legion of stationary, Rubber Band fancies themself an entertainer, even though their stage plays are all designed to bring an end to their King's most persistent foe, Mario. Pull back the proverbial gossamer curtain with the 1000-fold arms will reveal the elastic entertainers significantly less impressive true form, but they won't simply give up there, and will launch themselves into the portly plumber at the speed of sound for big damage. First appearance: Paper Mario: the origami king
Robo Right Hand Man
Even Henry defeating him on the Toppat airship isn't enough to put this persistent thug down for keeps. Brought back to life as a cyborg, RHM now has several powerful weapons integrated directly into his body, notably rocket thrusters and a laser eye. Depending on what choices the player made after defeating him, ol' Righty could end up as the new boss of the Toppats, or even working alongside Henry. First appearance: Completing the Mission
Night guard office
A simple desk equipped with buttons to close the heavy duty doors and a security monitor, this office has served many a Fazbear night watchman well, or so the company claims. As a stage, fighters will be shrunken down to fit on the desk. Just be sure to hit the door buttons when you spot an animatronic in the doorway! While they'll pay no mind to you, the nasty sight will leave fighters paralyzed for a time.
hey, izanos! It's everyone's favorite Pa_er Mario boss, Doo_liss! This ghouls _owers go behind even sha_eshifting, as he can steals someone's name and body easy as _ie! Though Doo_liss had a bit of an aloof, _unkish streak, he did turn over a new leaf by the end of his home game and and started a career acting in _lays. Maybe that's why _eo_le were so _leased to see him make a _layable debut here! First a_earance: Pa_er Mario: the thousand year door
sssss.... KAPOW! That's the sound a creeper will make when it sneaks up behind you and combusts without warning, depriving you of all your things and sending you right back to your bed. Fans of Minecraft love to hate the creeper so much, it's seen as an unofficial mascot for the game. Just don't be so mad at them you lose your cool and try to strike them with lightning, or you'll charge them right up. The only thing rarer than a charged Creeper is a player who survives an encounter with one! First appearance: Minecraft
Tourist trap island
This Neighborville tourist hotspot just sort of showed up one day, but who can resist a lovely tropical island? However, it's not all fun and games in paradise, as the evil Doctor Zomboss has staffed the island with his loyal undead minions, and seeks to use his diabolical weather machine to leave any passing cruise ships stranded as brain meals! As a stage, fighters will be caught in unpredictable gale force winds at the base of the primary storm machine. Keep that switch pushed into the off setting, or you'll spend more time getting pushed around then you will fighting. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
Aw, isn't this just the most adorable little thing?.... Actually, not really. With its creepy vacant stare and needle-sharp teeth, Plushtrap was presumably an ill-fated attempt by Fazbear Incorporated to break into the world of marketable plushes. Still, at least it's not out to murder you like the animatronic it's based off of. Hold on, did it just move? First appearance: FNAF 4
Trash and the gang
Budget options for the budding pizzeria owner, Trash and the gang are.... I mean.... They're better than nothing, I suppose. They don't sing, they don't dance, they don't even stay together half the time, but they'll do until you can get some proper moolah under your belt. Even when they returned in the Ultimate Custon Night, the only way they could hinder players was by making distracting noise. I'm not sure these guys will live on in the hearts of children. First appearance: FNAF pizzeria simulator
King Boo
The spectral monarch of all ghosts, King Boo once tried to trick Mario into being trapped in a haunted mansion, only to be foiled by his brother Luigi. This left the ghost King with a major bone to pick against the number 2 plumber, and he's hounded poor Luigi to the ends of the earth ever since, hoping to extract revenge. Armed with his power-enhancing crown and mighty illusionary powers, this is one Boo you definitely wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, and even staring him right in the eyes won't keep you safe from him for long. First appearance: Luigi's Mansion
Doctor Zomboss (alt 1)
Zomboss is more of a hands-off type of commander, preferring to hang back and pummel plants from afar with a barrage of projectiles. Thrown wrenches and zombie heads do the job nicely, but for something a little meatier, he can whip out on of many miniature Zombot heads to launch more powerful projectiles depending on what Zombot it is, such as fire breath, missiles, or an incursion of imps. To keep enemies from reaching him before he can start firing away, Zomboss relies on the other half of his arsenal: Zombie summoning. Bucket headed Meatshields, lightning fast Pole vaulters, or more unorthodox picks like Jesters and Jack-in-the-boxers, one thing is for sure, they'll lay down massive hurt while Zomboss plugs away!
Zombot's wrath
Breaking open the Smash Ball as Doctor Zomboss will summon his most powerful creation to the battlefield: The Zombot 9000. Bombarding the stage with elemental breath attacks while summoning huge waves of zombies, foes are sure to get stomped one way or another. For the figurative cherry on top, the Zombot throws a Winnebago before flying away, launching whoever gets hit and ensuring some poor soul has to live with insurance premiums that go through the roof.
A cold and callous shell of a man, Takaya is the leader of Strega, a group who stands in opposition to S.E.E.S and seeks to bring about the fall of man. Takaya lacks empathy, seeing anything not done for one's own gain or indulgence as useless, and holds the bitter and nihilistic view that all of humankind craves death. Unlike S.E.E.S, Takaya doesn't need an evoker to summon his Persona, which may be for the best. Imagine if he confused it with his revolver, or vice versa! Actually, that'd probably make him much easier to deal with. First appearance: Persona 3
The Lich (EtG)
Awaiting all worthy challengers in the depths of Bullet Hell is the Lich, the timeless and immortal master of the Gungeon. Some think that this Revenant with a revolver used to be the first who conquered the Gungeon, but it's doubtful that any can confirm these claims, and the Lich himself isn't telling. With a supremely steady eye and the itchiest trigger finger you've ever seen, defeating the Lich is an impossibility for all but a master marksman. First appearance: Enter the Gungeon
This tool is one of few things that allow a Persona user to call upon their Persona in the real world. Despite its resemblance to a pistol, this is purely for show, and the user is in no danger when they point it at themselves and pull the trigger. However, it does force the user to subconsciously confront the possibility that they may die there, and these feelings of stress are what allow their Persona to surface. First appearance: Persona 3
Rival to SMG4, this mad machinimist wants payback against him ever since he got caught stealing content. He's made a few attempts to go straight, but circumstances have turned against him as of recent, tragically setting him firmly on the path of do-baddery. Though his scheme have had limited success in the past, he might just be able to harness the power of the YouTube Remote to turn the tables on his more popular counterpart and establish an iron grip over YouTube once and for all. Fun fact: he has a doctorate in psychology! First appearance: SMG4 vs SMG3 (SMG4 series)
Captain Smasher
The nastiest undead menace to ever set sail, Captain Smasher was sealed away for many years, only to be freed by the Dave-bot 9000 as part of a misheard request for Crazy Dave's birthday gift. Armed with a cannon and a craving for vitamin C, this cruel captain is immune to damage unless you vanquish his cursebearers first. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
Bullet Kin
These adorable little guys make up the first line of defense for the Gungeon, but don't let this looks fool you. Bullet kin, like all Gundead, are belligerent by nature, so don't be afraid to show them who's boss. Though Bullet Kin are simple enough opponents on their own, huge numbers can easily overwhelm an unprepared Gungeoneer, and some can come with rapid fire capabilities or the foresight to lead their shots to boot. To make a long story short, cuddling is a bad idea. First appearance: Enter the Gungeon
The gun that can kill the past
Contained in a musty chest hidden in the depths of the fifth chamber of the Gungeon, TGTCKTP, rather than shooting the enemy, shoots its wielder back in time to the moment of their greatest regret. Even though such an artifact has driven many to madness trying and failing to find and use it, you'd be surprised at what people would be willing to go through for that second shot. Matter of fact, maybe if I..... What am I saying?! Never mind. Just know that to find and use this gun to its full potential is a great feat indeed. First appearance: Enter the Gungeon
An unnerving create of Subspace that hangs from seemingly endless marionette strings, lashing out with claws and lasers. Rumor has it that Fazbear Incorporated established a partnership with the Neo Subspace army in exchange for the army not suing them for reasons relating to this freakish foe. Puppits are a touch more unpredictable than their last appearance, and will sometimes latch on to fighters without warning. Yikes! First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Spell Punks
Mysterious mages that hail from the Skylands, Spell Punks each have mastery over one element. You can tell them apart by their distinctive colors and different abilities. Air Punks speed up their allies, Life Punks heal them, Magic conceals, Earth shields, Undead summon undead minions, tech locks on to their enemies with mighty sky lasers, water freezes foes, and Fire rapidly shoots flame bursts. Got it? Good! Now just try to remember all that when you have an army Bearing down on you as those Punks hide in the back, providing support and covering fire! First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure
Another returning Subspace goon, Armight neglected to bring all too many new tricks for this game. His mustache is slightly fancier and he'll sometimes attack all around him with a spinning headbutt,mbut he mostly just sticks to his old attacks of slashing and throwing swords. Some may call him archaic, but he calls it honorable, and there's something to be said about how he can hold his own amidst all his peers and their innovations. Good on you, Armight! First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Nyx avatar
The incomplete bringer of Erebus, made manifest by humanity's desire for death, Nyx is progenitor of the dark hour and the resultant shadows. If S.E.E.S wish to save all of humankind, they must scale Tarterus once more and cast Nyx back to whence it came. Though Nyx's influence and power has waned ever since it was brought into the world of trophies, it still holds immense almighty power, especially when Scissors channels their deathly energies through his dual blades. First appearance: Persona 3
Fa-shwing! Let's go, bub! This copyright-friendly troll enemy is one of the heavy hitters of Kaos' army. The claw on his right arm allows it to let loose with many a powerful combo, and the shield on his left can deflect attacks. He lowers it when he's about to strike though, and that's your chance to shred him right back. Even though Trollverine is annoying to deal with, at least that helmet of his looks cool. First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure
Goliath Drow
Living up to his name, this deluxe-sized Drow trades the finesse of his smaller brethren for raw power. A shame he puts that strength to use working for the forces of darkness, because he'd be quite a boon as a handyman. As it stands though, those guards on his forearms give his charge attack some extra "oomph," and there's no way to knock him out of it- When taking a stand against this Titan, you either move or get moved. If you're unlucky, Goliath Drow may come partnered with Life Spell Punks who'll heal them up, just for an extra kick in the teeth. First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure
Jack Frost
Hee-ho! One of the most iconic demons to ever appear in an ATLUS title, Jack Frost is a mythical trickster of snow and ice. Naturally, he packs several powerful Bufu spells that he can use to freeze enemies right in their tracks. His fame even extends to his own universe, as there's plenty of merchandise of him to be found. But wait, I though most normal people were unaware of shadows like him! Hmm... Something's fishy here. First appearance: Shin Megami Tensai
Despacito Spiderlings
Offspring of the more threatening Despacito Spider, these little buggers swarm a target en masse, hoping to defeat it with sheer numbers. Though they lack the mental compulsion abilities of their fully grown form, they do pack something far more horrifying: the implication that these things breed. I'm not sure I want to know, really.... First appearance: Roblox
Right Hand Man
Second in command of the Toppats and best friend of Reginald, no one actually knows RHM's true name. One thing that is known about him is his dedication to the Toppat cause and deadly fighting ability. A physical powerhouse who packs hefty firearms and advanced combat techniques like reflectors and shockwaves, you'd do well not to trifle with him, or he'll hound you to the ends of the earth to get payback. First appearance: Infiltrating the airship
Master Kohga
*After the Sheikah tribe failed to stop the great Calamity from ravaging Hyrule, the people turned against the advanced monks. Though some stayed dedicated to the cause of protecting the people, others grew bitter and sought revenge, forming a subsect known as the Yiga clan who worshipped Ganon and attacking anyone they came across. Formed by many deadly assassins and blademasters, none is more dangerous than Master Kohga, who wields the ancient Sheikah techniques of force shields, levitation, and magnetization with practice and skill in battle against the hero of the wilds. Well, maybe not TOO much skill. Just bop him while his projectiles hover over him, and see what I mean. First appearance: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Galleom 2.0
This classic Subspace war machine spent some time as a spirit after being defeated by three traveling swordsmen and two young boys, but Neo Tabuu rebuilt, revamped, and refurbished him for revenge. Galleom 2.0 is significantly stronger than the previous model (which is certainly saying something!) and is much more versatile too, with many new armaments such as a powerful flail weapon and a nasty heavy duty laser cannon concealed within those big metal fists. Though this rampaging Robo-Rhino is a creature of few words, it does exude an aura of respect for those who can surpass even it in combat. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
GAL Mobile Weapons Platform
Short for Gatling Assault Laser mobile weapons platform, this Neo Subspace army transport vehicle was modeled after Galleom's tank form. In addition to the countless Shadow Bugs it contains to release in the form of Primids and other such bad guys, this assault vehicle is equipped with a Gatling laser and two missile launchers to discourage any attackers, and it's rocket boosters and thick metal armor allow it to soak up damage and ram opponents with impunity. However, there's also a certain nostalgic feeling one gets when they look at it and remember what it was based off of. Ah.... Even now, it brings back fond memories of that showdown in the wilds. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
Neo Tabuu
Once thought to be destroyed along with his Great Maze, Tabuu has risen again by absorbing the power of two fallen gods of light and dark. Determined to see his vision of a world of Subspace come to fruition, he adopts the moniker of Neo Tabuu as he scours the multiverse for worthy generals to serve in his new army. Whatever dimension the neon butterfly hailed from is long lost to history, but whether that plays a role in his motives is anyone's guess. Just what is he..? First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
Reginald Copperbottom
Don't let his impeccable fashion and posh accent fool you- this stick figure has lead the notorious Toppat Clan on many a successful heist. He earned both his second hat and leadership of the clan by overthrowing the previous leader. Though Reginald may insist upon the clan following a sort of honor code, he himself is known to take actions that are cowardly and downright dishonorable- but every decision he makes is to ensure that the clan prospers as it has done ever since it was first conceived. First appearance: Infiltrating the airship
These growing sumo-esqe Subspace bruisers are back to serve as heavy lifters and heavier hitters. Though most simply retain their ability to grow after being significantly hurt, some of the new generation of Nagagog have mutated the ability to grow into a form even stronger than their red form without taking any damage. However, these lucky few are so cocky as a result that you'll often find them napping on the job, allowing you to sneak past, or get in a preemptive strike if you're looking to tussle. You know what they say, "you snooze, you lose!" First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Yet another veteran enemy of the first Subspace war, Borboras is significantly more versatile than they were in their first incarnation. In addition to their previous ability to blow foes back with gale-force winds, they can spit bouncing bombs for more of a punch, or even signal other members of the Subspace army by trumpeting from their distinct snouts. Who says an old baddie can't learn new tricks? First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Futaba Sakura
A girl warped in a belief that she was the one who killed her mother, the Phantom Thieves stole her heart (After a blackmail from her, of course) First appearance: Persona 5
Steve [Minecraft] (Alt 2)
In Subspace 2, Steve seems harmless, at first. But he eventually does betray the heroes. How rude of him!
Right Hand Man (Alt 2)
After all his cybernetic upgrades, Right Hand Man is ready to battle Paper Mario in the center of Toad Town! Let's see him dodge everything he has! First appearance: Super Smash Bros AU: Subspace Emissary 2
Olivia ([Paper Mario] alt 2)
After sacrificing herself to undo her brother's destruction, Olivia wonders why she's back, in an arena with Chie Satonaka.
Ryuji Sakamoto
After his leg was broken, he could no longer be on the running team. Still doesn't stop him from chaining the hearts of all those Rotten Adults! First appearance: Persona 5
Paper Mario
Thinner Mario, bigger adventure! Paper Mario can turn into almost any form, and with is partners at his back, you can expect an awesome adventure! First appearance: Paper Mario
Ellie Rose
Another Wall convict, just like Henry. Henry either has the option to help or, or leave her behind. First appearance: Fleeing the Wall
Count Dooku
The mentor to Qui Gon Jinn, Count Dooku found his place on the Darker Side of the force. First appearance: Star Wars episode II: Attack of the clones
Cinder Fall
The one who aspired to be the Fall maiden, Cinder did almost anything to get hands hands on said power. First appearance: RWBY Volume 1 (Shadow), RWBY Volume 2 (First major screen appearance)
Fishy Boopkin's dating sim girlfriend brought to life, Saiko is still earning to be nice. First appearance: Doki Doki Mario Club (SMG4)
Fighters will be on street level for this stage, and the final Omnidroid from the film will be there. First appearance: The incredibles
The north-most kingdom in Remnant, Fighters will be taken using a platform all around! First appearance: RWBY Volume 7
Battle ring
A new mode was introduced, called Origami battles. Fighters take turns rotating the ring to fight. First appearance: Paper Mario the Origami King
Egypt city
Egypt City from part 3 is here! Be sure to try to combo into Road Roller! First appearance: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
London (POTC)
The opening part of On Stranger Tides is fully recreated here as a stage! First appearance: Pirates of The Caribbean
Mario (SMG4)
Mario's dumber variant. This idiot's blood type is apparently spaghetti, and he has "An infnite IQ." First appearance: SMG4: The cake is a lie
Tia Dalma
Calaypso in human form. She answers questions of destiny and fate. She could even give you a jar of dirt! First appearance: Dead Man's Chest
Petra (Minecraft)
Not much is actually known on Petra, as she keeps to herself, mostly. She does have a whiting habit, though. First appearance: MCSM, episode 1
Pyrrha Nikos
The face of Pumpkin Pete's cereal, Pyrrha the invicible believes in destiny. First appearance: RWBY Volume 1
Rob (SMG4)
One of the SMG3-Anti crew members, Rob LOVES corn. He has an almost unhealthy obsession with it. First appearance: SMG4: CORN
Gekkoukan Primary High School
The pride of Tatsumi Port Island, this is a playable stage.
Star Platinum
Jotaro's main stand, Star Platinum is worthy foe whenever used by the famous Stand User! First appearance: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
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Immortalists Magazine Interview with David Pearce

Source: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
IM: We are now in a position where we can choose the level of suffering in the entire living world, why do it?
DP: Around 850,000 or so people worldwide take their own lives each year. Tens of millions self-harm. Hundreds of millions are chronically depressed. These grim figures are just the tip of an iceberg of misery. Words and statistics can’t begin to convey the awfulness of suffering. Yet there is hope. For the first time in history, biotechnology turns the level of suffering in the living world into an adjustable parameter. The biosphere is programmable. Even a handful of genetic tweaks could massively reduce the level of suffering in the world. If used wisely, a combination of artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and synthetic gene drives could eradicate experience below “hedonic zero” altogether. Life on Earth deserves a more civilised signalling system – a motivational architecture based entirely on information-sensitive gradients of well-being. Today, a few fortunate genetic outliers enjoy hints of how such an architecture of mind will function. In future, life based on gradients of intelligent bliss can be the global norm. CRISPR makes paradise-engineering technically feasible.
On a more sober note, the easiest way to reduce to reduce suffering in the world doesn’t rely on gene editing, advanced technology or posthuman superintelligence. The biggest source of severe and readily avoidable suffering today is animal agriculture. Factory-farming is inherently abusive. Factory-farms and slaughterhouses are morally indefensible. Our victims are as sentient as small children, and they should be treated accordingly. The death-factories must be permanently closed and outlawed. Any civilisation worthy of the name will be invitrotarian or vegan.
IM: Isn’t suffering a necessary part of life?
DP: Misery and malaise are so common that it’s easy to believe they are integral to life itself. Gautama Buddha’s “Life is suffering” sounds like a simplistic slogan to temperamentally optimistic life-lovers; but for billions of human and nonhuman animals, it’s true. For over 540 million years, suffering has been endemic to the animal kingdom. A predisposition to mental and physical pain has been genetically adaptive. Discontent promotes the inclusive fitness of our genes. Evolution via natural selection is underpinned by random mutations and the genetic casino of sexual reproduction. Natural selection is “blind” and amoral. But a revolution in genome-editing promises to transform the nature of selection pressure. Parents will shortly be able genetically to choose the pain thresholds, hedonic range and hedonic set-points of their future children. Prospective parents will pick genes and allelic combinations in anticipation of the likely effects of their choices. As the reproductive revolution unfolds, selection pressure in favour of “happy” genes will intensify at the expense of their nastier cousins. Barring revolutionary breakthroughs, growth in subjective wellbeing may only be linear rather than exponential; but genetic engineering plus the pleasure principle are a potent mix.
IM: If we do raise the hedonic range, do we lose other values/attributes worth keeping?
DP: Engineering a world of indiscriminate bliss wouldn’t merely be risky. Uniform bliss would undermine human relationships, social responsibility, personal growth and intellectual progress. Most people aren’t classical utilitarians: getting “blissed out” would entail losing a lot of what we value as well as the miseries we hate. By contrast, ratcheting up hedonic range and hedonic set-points doesn’t entail adjudicating between different secular and religious values or sacrificing anything we hold dear. Hedonic recalibration doesn’t subvert existing preference architectures. An elevated hedonic set-point can also enhance the diversity of experience; compare how depressives tend to get “stuck in a rut”. Information-sensitive gradients of well-being can preserve what humans find valuable while enriching our default quality of life. Hedonic uplift will vanquish the feelings of emptiness, futility and nihilistic despair that stain so many lives today. Post-Darwinian life based on gradients of bliss will be saturated with meaning, purpose and significance.
For sure, there are tons of complications. The biohappiness revolution will be messy. We’d do well to preserve the functional analogues of depressive realism. But the basic point stands.
IM: How is genetic engineering different from eugenics?
DP: Just as the Soviet experiment polluted the whole language of social justice, likewise the early twentieth-century eugenics movement polluted the whole language of genetic health. Consider the commitment to the well-being of all sentience enshrined in the Transhumanist Declaration (1998, 2009), or the World Health Organisation’s definition of health as set out in its founding constitution (1948): “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Lifelong health as so defined is impossible with a Darwinian genome. A living world where all sentient beings are innately healthy can be created only via genetic engineering. Societal reform on its own can’t manufacture the molecular substrates of happiness. Etymologically speaking, transhuman civilisation will be the product of eugenics. So in that sense, the critics are right. But genetically engineering the well-being of all sentience is far removed from the coercive “eugenics” and race hygiene policy of the Third Reich.
That said, a multitude of legal of legal and ethical safeguards will be essential to navigate the transition to post-Darwinian life – humans are untrustworthy creatures. Not least, we should uphold and extend the sanctity of life.
IM: How do we ensure genetic engineering is used safely?
DP: All genetic experimentation is inherently risky, not least the gamble of having children. Antinatalists might support a hundred-year moratorium on untested genetic experiments; but such prudence is unrealistic. For evolutionary reasons, most people are determined to have children via sexual reproduction. So we should focus on minimising the risks of such genetic experimentation. Let’s try to balance risk-reward ratios. Preimplantation genetic screening will be hugely cost-effective. Later this century, all babies could and should be CRISPR babies. In the meantime, access to preimplantation genetic screening and counselling ought to be universal.
For example, consider the genetic dial-settings that regulate pain-sensitivity. What level of pain tolerance is optimal for our future children – and our older selves? Even now, medical science could eradicate pain altogether simply by knocking out the SCN9A gene – the so-called “volume knob” for pain. However, instant eradication of pain is too hazardous. SCN9A-knockouts would lack not just the ghastly experience of pain but also the vital function of nociception. Children with congenital analgesia need to lead a cotton-wool existence or else they come to serious harm. For now, choosing benign “low pain” alleles for our offspring is much safer. In tomorrow’s world of advanced AI and neuroprostheses, even the mildest “raw feels” of pain could be abolished. In the meantime, we can ensure that new children (and maybe our future selves) have the same exceptionally high pain-tolerance of today’s high-functioning genetic outliers: folk who say things like “Pain is just a useful signalling mechanism.”
IM: Should we still pursue genetic engineering if there was peace on earth?
DP: Suicide rates typically go down in wartime. There isn’t peace on Earth for the same reason there isn’t peace among chimpanzee troops. Nature “designed” human male primates to (be genetically predisposed to) wage territorial wars of aggression against other coalitions of male primates. Let’s assume, optimistically, that we can prevent future armed conflict without any of the biological-genetic interventions discussed here. The negative-feedback mechanisms of the hedonic treadmill would ensure that countless people would continue to suffer – even in a peaceful world without war, poverty and disease. By its very nature, Darwinian life is sentient malware. Only a biohappiness revolution can fix our sinister source code for good.
IM: What other types of human enhancement technologies will considerably affect the nature of humans?
DP: Safe and sustainable analogues of empathetic euphoriants like “hug drug” MDMA will revolutionise human relationships. Compare the quasi-psychopathic indifference to most other sentient beings that humans display now.
Robolovers, sexbots and designer aphrodisiacs will revolutionise sexual experience.
Novel psychedelics, novel genes and novel neurons will open up billions of state-spaces of consciousness as different from each other as waking life is different from dreaming life.
“Augmented” reality will be followed by full-blown multimodal immersive virtual reality.
“Narrow” superintelligence-on-a-neurochip will be accessible to all; with digital intelligence implants, sentient beings can do everything machine intelligence can do and more.
Opt-out cryonics, opt-in cryothanasia, and finally tools to defeat the biology of aging altogether will transform our conception of life and death. Transhumans will be quasi-immortal.
But in my view, mastery of the pleasure-pain axis will inaugurate the biggest revolution of all. The end of suffering promises an ethical watershed. Invincible well-being for all sentience will mark a momentous evolutionary transition in the development of life.
IM: What are some ethical considerations worth arguing about at this stage?
DP: As a transhumanist, I look forward to a glorious “triple S” civilisation of Superhappiness, Superlongevity and Superintelligence. But more concretely, I’d like to see a coordinated hundred-year Plan to overcome suffering throughout the living world under the auspices of the World Health Organization. Here are four policy proposals for a Biohappiness Revolution:
At times, Darwinian life can be desperately grim. Yet depressive, pain-ridden people shouldn’t feel their lives are worthless. Even malaise-ridden lives can be valuable if one prevents more suffering than one undergoes. We should all aspire to be not just transhumanists but also effective altruists. Let’s use biotechnology to phase out suffering. Humans are stepping-stones to something better – something inconceivably sublime.
IM: In 2015, Bill Gates gave a chilling warning on a TED Talk that the world was in danger due to global pandemics or bioterrorism. These predictions have raised conspiracy theories that Bill is responsible for creating the novel coronavirus and the reason for his interest in developing a vaccine treatment. There are also conspiracy theories circulating about 5G technology being connected to the spread of the novel coronavirus which has led to the recent burning of 5G towers in the UK. Conversations about the use of microchips and biometrics in order to prevent future epidemics are also fueling conspiracy paranoia. Are these fears reasonable? Do they serve an evolutionary purpose or detriment?
DP: “Only the paranoid survive”, said Intel boss Andy Grove. There’s a lot that medical science still doesn’t understand about the pandemic viral respiratory illness COVID-19. However, the new corona virus was not created by Bill Gates, nor is it spread by 5G towers. Nor is it a bioweapon. The truth is more sinister. COVID-19 is a by-product of humanity’s monstrous treatment of nonhuman animals. Zoonotic disease and consequent global pandemics are inevitable as long as humans practise meat-eating. Animal abuse is catastrophic for humans and our victims. Details of the spillover infection in a dirty Wuhan meat market in November 2019 are still murky; but this viral pandemic would not have happened if humans didn’t practise animal agriculture – and then butcher sentient beings to gratify a gruesome taste for their flesh. Rather than being the villain of the piece, Bill Gates is a sponsor of “clean” cultured meat. The cultured meat revolution promises to end zoonotic pandemics, save billions of nonhuman and human animal lives, and yield cost-savings of tens of trillions of dollars by preventing future pandemics. Yet human health and safety needn’t wait for the commercialisation of cruelty-free cultured meat and animal products. Wet markets, vivisection labs, factory-farms and slaughterhouses are crimes against sentience; they should be outlawed. Future civilisation will be vegan.
IM: Humanity’s self-sabotaging nature exists in many forms. One, in particular, a form of self-assertion by denying, ignoring, or attacking what others consider to be true - the fear of others - is as subtle and universal as it is destructive. This form of self-defense mechanism so prevalent in modern society prevents people from establishing effective communication channels that are all-encompassing, flexible, and effective, in particular towards problem-solving. Could humans ever turn mindfulness, gratitude, hope, and a sense of solidarity into sustainable practices?
DP: Evolution didn’t “design” humans to be nice to each other – except insofar as friendliness promoted the inclusive fitness of their genes. Some transhumanists worry about the spectre of unfriendly artificial general intelligence; but our biggest challenge is creating sentience-friendly biological intelligence. Maybe the shock of COVID-19 will help persuade killer apes to close the death factories and accelerate an anti-speciesist revolution. Maybe the shock of COVID-19 will help persuade free-market fundamentalists that all people have a fundamental right to basic income, homes and healthcare. I’d love to believe that humans will “turn mindfulness, gratitude, hope and a sense of solidarity into sustainable practices”, as you suggest. But unless we combine dietary, political and socio-economic reform with remediation of our sinister source code, the well-being of all sentience remains a utopian dream. Depravity is hardwired into our DNA – a lot of it, at any rate. The worst of “human nature” must be genetically cured.
IM:To establish a global pandemic immunity for the novel coronavirus, our priorities are: 1. to keep people safe from getting the coronavirus through social distancing, 2. to figure out a way to contact-trace and test millions of people a day to know who can resume working, 3. to come up with treatments and vaccinations that can prevent coronavirus flare-ups, in particular third world countries, 4. to continue travel restrictions and global collaboration, 5. to improve our supply chain and infrastructure. Do you think this plan is aligned with the transhumanist goal of improving the human condition?
DP: Becoming transhuman will entail overcoming deeply-rooted ethnocentric and anthropocentric bias. COVID-19 has already triggered an upsurge in racism and xenophobia. Coronaviruses and future pathogens could be readily tamed with the aid of ubiquitous testing and tracking apps. But many people are (rightly) afraid that tracking measures introduced to tackle catastrophes like COVID-19 – biometric scanning, phone location data, credit-card information, security footage and so forth – will be used by authoritarian regimes to control rather than protect us.
IM: The success of a global plan to turn the economy around towards the sustainable implementation of a universal health care system that can successfully handle crisis depends not only on improving our own neural architecture but on re-defining our value system. Professor Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, also a distinguished philosopher of posthuman studies from Cabo University, Italy, whom I'm also interviewing in this issue of Immoralists Magazine (See: “The Future Of Digital Surveillance and Healthcare - A Conversation with World Leading Philosopher Stefan Lorenz Sorgner” APR-MAY 2020), makes a bold argument stating that when it comes to health and privacy, the problem isn’t about giving up privacy, but our understanding of what privacy means to us. He argues that people aren’t afraid of giving up privacy, but being sanctioned by the government. We soon realize that the fear isn’t the loss of privacy but the inability to live as one pleases. Stefan believes that the collection of digital data by means of total surveillance is needed and can be established through mutually beneficial contracts where citizens give access to their biometrics to governments in exchange for a free health care system that keeps everyone safe and healthy. He adds, "in order to collect all the relevant data, the data needs to be sold in between the companies or the companies and the government." Do you think that a decentralized, non-commercial, peer-to-peer system would be more effective, or could we instead establish a hybrid system that restricts government and companies access to people's biometrics?
DP: Let’s step back for a moment. Why exactly does privacy matter? The Borg has no concept of privacy. Many Christians believe that a benevolent and omniscient God is privy to their innermost thoughts and feelings. But we needn’t invoke science-fiction or theology. If mutually “loved up” on oxytocin-releasing euphoriant empathogens like MDMA (Ecstasy), people can forget about privacy and be honest with each other: oxytocin has been dubbed the “trust hormone”. More radically, the conjoined craniopagus twins Krista and Tatiana Hogan share a thalamic bridge. In a sense, they are distinct persons. But Krista and Tatiana can partially see though each other’s eyes and taste and feel what the other is experiencing. So in another sense, the twins can share a mind as well as a body. Maybe our transhuman successors will be able to “mind meld” via reversible thalamic bridges. If so, mind-melding technologies will inaugurate a revolution of true honesty – and (lack of) personal privacy – as understood by archaic Darwinian lifeforms. Science, morality and decision-theoretic rationality will be revolutionised too. By contrast, “normal” humans today are profoundly ignorant of each other. Moreover, most prefer to stay ignorant – and prefer others stay ignorant of them. For sure, humans want to feel loved, appreciated and respected. But we also want to prevent others from truly understanding us – as distinct from acknowledging our idealised public personae. Some of the reasons why contemporary humans want to preserve their privacy may be irrational – for example, embarrassment over bodies and their functions or a taste in porn. But the problem goes deeper. Social, personal and business life depends on a web of deceptions. If our dark, Darwinian minds practised “radical honesty”, then human society and personal relationships would collapse. Today, we have the justified suspicion that if other humans learned our secrets, they might exploit such knowledge to harm us.
Anyhow, to answer your question more directly: if adequate safeguards can be established, then everyone’s mental and physical health would be best served by allowing medical authorities to have full genetic and biometric data for all citizens, ideally from birth if not conception. Later this century, universal access to preimplantation genetic screening and counselling and CRISPR genome-editing should be available for all prospective parents. Centralised genetic knowledge-banks available to medical researchers would promote public health and benefit individuals and society alike.
However, the risks to personal freedom from sharing such knowledge are far-reaching. I will need to study Stefan Sorgner’s proposals properly before offering comment. But in my view, universal access to free healthcare, basic income and adequate housing shouldn’t depend on surrendering genetic privacy and other biometric details. Universal and unconditional access to healthcare, basic income and adequate housing is a precondition of any civilised society. One possible solution to the privacy dilemma may involve artificial intelligence. If implemented wisely, the practice of sharing intimate personal and biometric details with smart digital zombies won’t involve embarrassment or scope for human-style abuse. We’re already heading for a world of robo-carers, robo-nurses, robo-doctors and robo-surgeons: insentient robo-epidemiologists aren’t so different – not a Nanny State, but “Nanny AI”. But I believe this kind of AI option would need rolling out over decades. The devil is in the details.
IM: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan are planning to partner up with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to begin exploring possible COVID-19 treatments. It is known that the Zuckerberg-Chan Initiative is also on a mission to “eliminate all diseases within our children’s lifetime”. How are super longevity initiatives relevant to our quest to establish a universal health care system and happiness?
DP: Humanity needs a more ambitious conception of health – the kind of conception laid out in the founding constitution of the World Health Organization. I hope that we can indeed “eliminate all diseases within our children’s lifetime”. Yet even if all recognised genetic disorders and infections were eradicated, horrific suffering would persist in the world – all sorts of physical and mental pain. Under a regime of natural selection, a predisposition to suffering and discontent is genetically adaptive. So we wouldn’t really be healthy, just not sick. Our genomes need fixing. Hence the need for a biohappiness revolution – a civilised information-signalling system underpinned by gradients of intelligent bliss. Superlongevity? Only revolutionary medical breakthroughs can abolish death and aging. We don’t yet have the knowledge. Organs and bodies can be replaced, repaired and/or enhanced indefinitely with recognisable extensions of existing technologies; but the central nervous system is more challenging to re-engineer: I’m more pessimistic than some of my transhumanist colleagues about credible time-scales for eternally youthful mind-brains. Therefore we need a twin-track approach: SENS and Calico should work together with Alcor. Universal access to cryonics and cryothanasia could potentially make a transhumanist civilization available to all sentient beings – even the elderly and infirm for whom talk of posthuman paradise is apt to sound personally irrelevant. Hormonally, I’m one of Nature’s pessimists; but I think we are destined for a glorious “triple S” civilisation of superlongevity, superintelligence and superhappiness.
IM: How does transhumanism address issues of racism and injustice?
DP: The Transhumanist Declaration (1998, 2009) affirms our commitment to the well-being of all sentience.
This goal sounds impossibly utopian. Consider just one form of injustice, economic inequality. Traditional routes to a fairer world involve “winners” and “losers”. Zero-sum games are endemic to human society. Worse, the enforcement mechanisms of greater fairness often turn out to be as bad - or worse - than the injustices they attempt to remedy. Consider the fate of socialist experiments of twentieth-century history.
Transhuman society will be different. Information-based technology promises to erase traditional left-right distinctions by creating effectively unlimited abundance of anything that can be digitised – and that embraces almost everything. (Some transhumanists claim that everything can be digitised, but let’s postpone discussion of whether conscious minds are a classical phenomenon.) Digital information is egalitarian. Intellectual-property owners may blanch, but we can now take for granted that everyone can enjoy access to the world’s musical resources, electronic games, movies and computer software. This unfolding revolution will continue into an era of augmented reality and immersive VR. Most importantly, access to genetic information and mastery of our reward circuitry will soon be democratised. Code for the biological substrates of subjective well-being doesn’t need to be rationed any more than the source code of digital music needs to be rationed. We could all become hedonic trillionaires. Many of the world’s worst inequalities aren’t economic or socio-political, but biological-genetic: disparities of mood, motivation and hedonic range. Just consider who is better off: a rich, angst-ridden depressive or a poor, healthy hyperthymic? Transhumanism promises a civilisation based entirely on gradients of intelligent bliss. Potentially, everyone can be a hedonic “winner”.
Yet what about tackling injustice now?
In my view, universal basic income (UBI), decent housing and free healthcare shouldn’t be a political left-right issue, but a precondition of civilised society. Thus broadly libertarian transhumanists such as Zoltan Istvan support UBI no less than transhumanists in the left-liberal tradition. My own gut instincts have always favoured the underdog. But the neocortex is a more effective tool of cognition than the enteric nervous system. Rich and poor, black and white, human and nonhuman animals – we are all victims of our legacy wetware. Everyone will benefit when our Darwinian source code is fixed. Any prospective parent who believes that creating new life is ethically permissible should consider preimplantation genetic screening, counselling and (soon-to-be) professional gene-editing.
Defeating racism? This really demands a treatise, but here goes. From antiquity to the present, dominant groups have convinced themselves they are intellectually, morally and spiritually superior to stigmatised outsiders – and touted “objective” measures to prove it. The evolutionary roots of racial discrimination, bigotry and xenophobia run deep. Everything from cultural stereotypes to the institutional racism in our criminal justice systems and even transgenerational epigenetic inheritance (i.e. transmission of epigenetic information through the germline) mean that the effects of systemic racism will take generations to overcome. Our posthuman successors may find the differences between human ethnic groups akin to the differences that humans discern between different dogs or mice or beetles. Yes, there are differences between different breeds of dog and mouse – and beetle! But humans can recognise that these differences are trivial compared to what all dogs, mice and beetles have in common. Likewise posthuman superintelligence vis-à-vis archaic humans. Education harnessed to intelligence-amplification can help overcome racist prejudice and other cognitive deficits of perspective-taking ability. But creating empathetic superintelligence will be a monumental challenge.
IM: How can transhumanism positively affect policies that affect all sentient life?
DP: A “triple S” civilisation of superintelligence, superlongevity and superhappiness can benefit all sentient beings.
Everyone could benefit from “narrow” superintelligence on a neurochip; Neuralink is just a foretaste of tomorrow’s implantable brain-machine interfaces. Some doomsters fear a zombie coup from runaway software-based AGI; but all the benefits of “narrow” AGI can be incorporated within one’s own CNS. So transhumans will be supersapient and supersentient. Full-spectrum superintelligence will be us, not some fanciful zombie overlord. Transhumanism also offers a richer conception of intelligence than the narrow, “autistic” component of general intelligence measured by simple-minded IQ tests: enhanced social cognition, superior co-operative problem-solving skills, an expanding circle of compassion, and the tools to explore alien state-spaces of consciousness.
Yet who will live long enough to enjoy triple-S civilisation? Unless you’re a hydra, you and your loved ones suffer from the lethal hereditary disease we call “aging”. Rejuvenating interventions such as regular therapeutic blood exchange can potentially turn back the biological clock. “Cyborgisation” and synthetic body parts will increasingly enhance, repair and replace biological organs. But full-blown body-replacement is still decades away. Therefore we need not just medico-genetic advances, but also a medico-legal revolution: opt-out cryonics and opt-in cryothanasia for life-loving oldsters. At its best, transhumanism is all-inclusive.
Critically, the biohappiness revolution won’t be race- or species-specific. Transhumanists aspire to transcend ethnocentric and anthropocentric bias. Everyone can potentially benefit from genetically programmed well-being – a civilised signalling system to replace the dismal dial-settings of a Darwinian hedonic treadmill. There is a crying need for the World Health Organization to live up to its obligations as set out in its founding constitution. Good health should be the birthright of all sentient beings – or else they shouldn’t have been conceived in the first place. I’m personally gloomy about timescales for the abolitionist project. Centuries? Millennia? I don’t know. However, a hundred-year blueprint to eradicate suffering is technically feasible. The world’s last experience below hedonic zero will mark a major evolutionary transition in the development of life on Earth.
My own focus is the plight of nonhuman animals – humble minds as sentient and sapient as small children and worthy of equivalent care. Currently, the abuse of nonhumans by humans is systematic. Factory-farming and slaughterhouses are nastier than even the most virulent racism and child abuse. Ideally, moral argument alone would suffice: I’d implore everyone to adopt a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle. But transhumanists are hard-headed. We tend to favour technical solutions to ethical problems. Cultured meat and cultured animal products once belonged to science fiction. Yet over the next few decades, the cultured meat revolution will end the horrors of animal agriculture. The death factories will close. The surviving victims will be rehabilitated. Zoonotic plagues like COVID-19 spawned by animal abuse like will pass into history. And looking further ahead, what Darwin’s grandfather Erasmus called “the great slaughterhouse of Nature” can be civilised too. The biohappiness revolution can be extended to the rest of the living world via genome editing, cross-species fertility-regulation and synthetic gene drives. The entire tree of life is programmable. For sure, pilot studies in self-contained mini-biospheres will be prudent. But post-Darwinian ecosystems won’t resemble today’s snuff movie. Post-Darwinian ecosystems will be engines of bliss.
IM: What approach would you recommend for someone that intends to recalibrate their hedonic set-point and live "better than well" in a sustainable way in the current technological paradigm, before the democratization of gene-editing arrives, assuming that all the typical healthy habits (sleep, nutrition, exercise, meaningful social interactions) have been already maxed out?
DP: Most people today have not “maxed out” their genetic potential. Optimising sleep, nutrition and exercise is more often preached than practised. Yet what about depressive people who done everything right and still aren’t happy? Maybe they have also tried nutritional supplements (omega-3 fatty acids, S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (SAMe), St John’s wort, etc) and worked their way through the officially sanctioned mood-brighteners – “antidepressants” such as the SRRIs, MAOIs, tricyclics, bupropion and so forth. Meditation, cognitive-behavioural therapy and other non-biological interventions hasn’t produced lasting relief. Nothing works. The set-point of their hedonic treadmill is too simply low.
It’s tragic. I’ve no easy answers to the hardest cases. One of the biggest challenges to pharmacological (as distinct from genetic) remediation and enhancement is that the neurotransmitter system most directly involved in hedonic tone is the opioid system. We are all born dysfunctional opioid addicts with cravings to fix. Alas, exogenous opioids have well-known pitfalls for users, their families and society at large. That said, there is still scope for creative psychopharmacology. For example, the “French” antidepressant tianeptine - a full mu and delta opioid receptor agonist – can be combined with a selective kappa opioid receptor antagonist. (Kappa agonists induce dysphoria.) Also, perhaps add the novel agent LIH383. LIH383 blocks the atypical “scavenger” opioid receptor ACKR3. Blockade of ACKR3 increases the availability of opioid peptides that can bind to classical CNS opioid receptors, thereby increasing their “natural” mood-brightening action. The negative-feedback mechanisms of the hedonic treadmill can be sabotaged. However, this kind of cocktail of creative psychopharmacology is best explored with the aid of a medical specialist. If all else fails, the modern equivalent of “wireheading” would work. Intracranial self-stimulation is not the transhumanist vision of paradise engineering: superintelligent life based on information-sensitive gradients of bliss. Wireheading is clearly a last resort. But no one should be forced to suffer: it’s unethical.Fortunately, future sentience will be blissful.
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Area Rugs & Roomba 960 vs i7

I'm looking to purchase my first robo-vac. House has approximately 2 floors and a basement of 1000 sq feet each. The first and 2nd floor have a number of larger area rugs to contend with and I'm trying to get a sense of how well these models perform when transitioning. Any recommendation on which option to go with? I've read that the i7 is worth it only if you get the dust bin which would come out to $700 - a $300 price difference versus the 960.
Shark IQ sells a robovac with dust bin for 450 but I've heard mixed things about the Shark.
I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any.
Edit - thank you for all the responses. This was incredibly helpful - I think I’m going with the i7
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March Balance Change Brainstorm: Part 1

I wonder what the balance changes a few days back were supposed to do. We're all thinking that. Here are my balance changes, if I were to make the decisions.
DISCLAIMER: this is a brainstorm, not all of these would be implemented at the same time. I'm just exploring the possibilities.
If you just want the interesting ones I recommend Mortis, Poco, Bibi, Emz and Bo.
Honourable mentions listed first, then everything else is sorted by rarity.
Part 2 link:


By the way, I don't think anyone agrees with the devs that Mortis doesn't need a buff. I get it, Mortis is very high skill, but there is simply no way you can play well with only three viable modes, and taking a lot more effort to kill any brawler than they'll take the other way round. And let's not forget getting stuck on that wall, we want a fix to that.
Screw it all. Mortis is completely unplayable without Star Power, and can't approach properly, defend, or even assassinate right anymore,. He dies to Spike and Colt, let's be honest with ourselves. He's basically just not allowed to play Heist, Solo SD, any ticketed event, and Brawl Ball and Siege to some degree (if you aren't Rey/Yde. Fear those Morti.) He's basically just confined to Bounty, Gem Grab and SD because he dashes.
Right now his attack just isn't paying off very much at all, and the recent spam of health buffs just suddenly made his already tough time even harder. A low-trophy player isn't going to be able to do anything if they take three more hits to kill a random enemy than the other way round, and a high rank player is putting a lot of skill and effort in, without enough reward.
This buff gives him a 'less worse' time against tanks, since he'd take one less hit to kill Darryl, Pam, El Primo and Frank. Other honourable mentions include Colt, Dynamike, Brock, that pesky-ass Jessie turret, Sandy, Poco and Nita.
I originally wanted it to be 960, but the heaps of health buffs, especially Poco and Pam, didn't leave me much of a choice.
I'm using this to try and make him a bit more viable in Solo SD, since right now it takes impossible skill, combat maths and admittedly, cojones to just attack someone.
His Super works differently to everyone else's. Usually they have a powerful ability, and admittedly that does apply to Mortis, since he can stack Supers, and in a way, do better against three enemies than against one or two and keep spamming bats until the whole enemy team dies, but as an attack it doesn't do much, nor does it heal enough. Overall it just doesn't do very much at all for the amount of effort and time invested into charging it up. It shouldn't actually do as much as his main attack, so now that his attack is increased there's some freedom for Super damage values. I decided on 960, a number relatively easy to calculate, and because you can use it like a Screeching Solo, except now there's more choices on what to pick off. It also makes crippling an enemy, running back, then Supering a viable tactic.
I think this will make him actually do better in Siege.
Siege, despite the similar goals, is not similar to Heist. It has a lot of parts control (Gem Grab), assassination (Bounty), and control (power cube tyrant). These are things that he's at the very least decent at, and now he can kill enemies better, even picks not seen in Bounty, some brawlers like Max, Bibi and even Rosa. I've pushed Mortis to 900 solely in Siege because my classmates dared me to, and I reached a point where randoms consistently wanted to play again with that comp, and I was getting Star Player roughly half the time. This is Mortis without a buff, in January. He's really not bad there, and given this Super buff in particular I think we'd see a lot more bats in the factory. With good reason, someone has to get rid of those Ticks. With pleasure.
Yep. Come on, if Poco, Nita, and even Emz get a health buff, why doesn't he? It looks drastic on paper (or on glass), but it's really not that big. Notice how people are really questioning Poco/Emz's HP buffs, since they're basically negligible, and if a brawler could kill you before they still will. Adding 400HP is when it really starts to make a difference, where you could survive as Mortis on one bullet's worth of health, and stop getting melted by everyone. He's a close range brawler, who unlike Leon or Max can't do ANYTHING at long range. Not that he doesn't do much damage, it's because he's physically unable to attack from that far. I think it's only fair that he receives such a health count to give him a slight edge over most brawlers, sort of like Carl without SP, big and strong but still mortal.
Realistically it'll only ever help against Crow, Bull, Primo, Bibi, and most of all Nita. (I do NOT like Nita when playing Mortis.)
If brawlers like Rosa and Shelly beat him up before he's still gonna die nonetheless. Any brawler that was able to be killed previously like Penny or Rico is still gonna die all the same.
Again, viability. I think this one will definitely help in Brawl Ball, where that sudden rush is easier to pull off without being melted into purple goop. He'll also survive better given all those previous buffs, and provide good pressure against your average squishy, and do more than just stand there against tanks.
So at the moment, Creepy Harvest is kinda useless. It's outshined by CS, and only really works if you're winning already. It's hard for Mortis himself to secure a kill, and if you can kill one enemy out of three, the other two are screwed anyway.
Here's my fix to it: 'Creepy Harvest - Mortis heals 400 health for every attack that he hits something. If he is on full health that health is converted into damage for the next attack.'
Maybe it sounds too strong, but just hold on. The healing per attack is better, since the extra health can be applied in the fight, not after it, and he'd definitely do good as a mid-tank himself. It's just roughly the same health (assuming 4-shot) given, but it's within the battle and much more useful. It also means if you don't hit anything, you won't heal. You'll heal if you hit bots, boxes, safes and IKE's, as well as brawlers.
As for the damage, it says 'when you are on full health.' What kind of Mortis player, for a millisecond of the battle, can sustain full health against someone at a range where they simply cannot miss hitting you? See? The 1800 damage can't really be used against brawlers, so he won't be OP in Gem Grab or Bounty. So why's it a thing? Now he can break an SD box much faster given he's not damaged, or make him slightly less useless in Heist, giving him a hefty 40% DPS increase in a base race.
Now the largest incentive for not using CS has been used, and it's either 'ease of access' or ' a stat buff to health/damage.'
Mortis - Overall
For me, he doesn't actually feel that weak and unplayable, since I did push him in off-meta places. Other people feel differently, so those buffs were definitely for the community. These changes mostly addressed his viability, and gives him two-and-a-half more modes he can play. It'll also stop the backwards circlejerk within F2P/noobs, where they're all telling each other Mortis is bad. Or if they believe he's good in Brawl Ball, let's fulfil their wish.
No reload buff or range buff, since that would give him wayyyy to much mobility. He's meant to be fast but not that fast.
A Super charge buff would mean he could throw his bats, attack three times and use them again. That gives him a total burst of 6300, enough to kill Bibi, 8-Bit and Carl without stopping to reload. Yeah... not gonna happen.
Do you want a Mortis Super range/width nerf? Let me know in the comments.
I don't want Coiled Snake to be part of the base kit either. Shoutout to u/Kasai_worx and u/Fix_matchmaking for talking some sense into me over this one, I realise now how horrific CS + CH would be, or the power we're giving to smol brain randoms.


Poco - Overall
Perhaps Poco changes aren't necessarily the most urgent, but I just wanted to share my insight on Poco.
I get it, Da Capo is OP, once his best bud Rosa is on his team you are either guaranteed a win or very, very screwed. But the main ingredient to that nightmare is the Rosa. Poco is nothing without Da Capo or the tanks on his team.
Behind the golden coat of Da Capo is a dead, rotting brawler that has the LEAST balance activity of any beta brawler (almost half the changes of everyone else), and since all the other low damage brawlers have been buffed his damage is just completely negligible and useless. Supercell has just slapped an OP Star Power twice on him to stop his fall, and he's just always sucked when that didn't happen. He's just a shit Sandy when using Screeching Solo, where I can't name a single case where he'd be more useful than Sandy, and without SP he's unplayable, and his existence independently just doesn't do much at all. It's only a matter of time before Da Capo is nerfed without any other buffs to mitigate the drop, and Poco becomes useless. He needs a buff, desperately. Currently he can only be played well in two modes, which I imagine is the same viability as a purple punch bot from Robo Rumble.
I want to see an end to this tank madness. This is the first step, making healing with SP less rewarding and not so endless. A good Poco can make just about anyone immortal.
But of course, why 600 in particular? Because 700 is still going to give off the same effect, still sustaining teammates faster than natural regen can. It'll still be okay.
This will catch the fall of Da Capo a little, making it still viable but not strong since he'll heal less but more often. Also because for 900 damage, his reload is comically slow, taking longer to reload a guitar than Crow, Pam, Mr. P, Shelly, Rico, 8-Bit, a lot of brawlers. This will help his 1v1 interactions too.
Hear me out first. This is a big buff, so big that you can now three-shot a Tick (lil mofo gets what he deserves, am I right?) but one that's certainly needed. EVERY SINGLE low-mid damage brawler has been buffed in the past one year (Nita, Jessie, Penny, Crow, Mortis, Max, Tara, Bo, Barley) except Poco. Now he can't keep up with anybody, and his damage is close to nothing given this power creep that everyone but him seems to be riding. He's just been forgotten, basically. Now he can actually start doing stuff and having an individual effect in terms of DPS/burst. This also encourages people to stop using him entirely as a healer, since he should be able to independently do stuff, because at the moment his attack just doesn't do anything at all.
It's only ever going to help against Shelly (you'll die anyway if up close), Tick, and a Showdown box since he takes one less hit against them. This will help him in SSD and DSD, and at times even Siege if you're looking for a bolt hog. This buff will stop him from being punished to losing access to most of the game modes in Brawl Stars just because he can heal.
It just doesn't do anything anymore. It doesn't do anything, is a great waste of a Super, and takes away a decently sized piece of your average Poco's IQ once he starts being a bushcamper who's targeting the Crow the whole match. It wasn't strong at 1000 damage before anyway, and in this tank meta it wouldn't be used to initiate an attack anyway. Besides, since SS's release, a bunch of tankier brawlers have been released so 1000 damage isn't much to them anyway.


Overall what I am trying to achieve with Bibi is fixing her inability to find a way to reach and attack enemies, and make her consistency better since a long attack delay brings instant counters with it.
Currently, a non maxed Bibi has no way to approach enemies given her very short range. And at least the other melee brawlers can do quick, consistent damage. This speed buff will allow her to run considerably faster than normal brawlers, and even tanks, which could also allow her to play as an assassin, shoot the bubble and start running very fast towards targets. It also gives Home Run SP a boost.
This is ultimately still a buff, as before she had 862 speed, and now she has 912.
People were beginning to believe Bibi and Frank are similar. They really aren't, and their playstyles are completely unrelated. This also allows her to attack faster, making it harder to juke in front of her nose despite having a 140 degree spread.
She just basically never ran out of ammo. Of course, it took a while to unload the shots, but she could just pass the ball to the enemy over and over again. Also psychologically stops people believing she reloads so fast; it roughly cancels the delay out. Also the sheer fury of watching a Bibi teammate on 900 health try to smack the Mortis for so long that he's got his CS charged up.
It was simply charging too fast. The knockback was being used so often, and her Star Powers kicked in way too fast. I think now people would stop playing Bibi like Primo, just running forward on a suicide mission.
Despite Bibi being able to knock enemies back, you don't see her getting kills very much. Against tanks she just gets vaporised, if anything she has a harder time against some tanks than Mortis, and by the time you reached a Colt or something you were as good as dead. Indirect buff to Batting Stance.


Everyone has mixed feeling around Shelly. Some say she's game-breakingly OP with insane Super chain potential, that thing where you can't really do anything but die, and then at the same time she can't do anything unless completely point-blank, gets outclassed by Darryl and Rosa in everything, and lacks in all stats from health to damage, to even speed since she's miserably slow compared to the tanks (should be that way though). My plan is to make her better in 3v3, with a separate role and a purpose, but make Super chaining a lot harder in SD.
Note that her winrate in SD is affected a lot by teaming; most matches are Shelly vs not Shelly.
This contributes directly to her Super stack thing, which really does need to be fixed. But this isn't a damage nerf.
This is an overall +100 damage for Shelly. Nobody would ever use her for damage, since there's better options that can do the same thing but at long range. Now that she has one less projectile chipping at long range will hurt more, and she won't have to be on top of someone to do damage.
...which is the most acute marked spread in the game. Now this would make autoaiming at long range harder, but she'll consistently hit two or three shells at max range, which would even encourage aiming for new players.
Just so she won't charge her Super in three shots, which makes the Super stack harder to pull off. It would also encourage not bushcamping, since Shelly players would then need that extra shell to get their Supers.
This stops her from charging her Super with one Super and an attack. Also just part of a Super damage nerf.
This is actually a nerf, an overall damage decrease from 2880 to 2520 at power 1. There is simply no coming back once you're Supered, and this would give tanks a better time, since Rosa, Bull and Primo now all survive two Supers.
All part of the 'long-range bushcamper' rework. Shooting further will make randoms smarter and Shelly more rewarding to play, especially against brawlers like Tara, Carl and Pam who just destroy her.


He's much better now, but not all the way there yet.
He's supposed to be an assassin, but that doesn't change the fact that Leon often loses a fight he's rightfully got in the bag, because he dies before the enemy does. For a close range Brawler Leon feels awfully frail, and is really the key point of why he struggles in 3v3. This gives him more solid consistency, and because it's really not fair that he has the same health as a turret brawler. Why does he get three-tapped by Brock and two-tapped by Dynamike? I don't know.
This one is much more subtle, but I think it would allow him to be better at mid-long range. Before the buff he got yesterday, he was useless unless you were on top of enemies. This one makes him able to be used like Bo as well, so this change is mainly to provide Leons with a lot of freedom of their attack.
Leon's Invisiheal is a bit too strong. People are now saving their Supers to fight Genes and Taras, suddenly press their Super, and bamboozle them as they waste their ammo on a basically immortal Leon. 1000 healing per second takes roughly Primo's DPS to cancel out his heal. It's too strong and really takes away the original purpose of his Super.
So why no invis duration buff?
I feel like Leon's invisibility was a bit strong anyway. A Leon was allowed to travel freely for 19 tiles, off the grid, wherever he likes with 7 seconds. Bringing his invisibility back to 7 seconds gives his Star Powers too much value and makes him too brainless to play.
Details here


Begone, Rosa.
No, this isn't overkill. It just gives her the shortest attack range in the game. I think that is the way it should be, since she has spread on her punches, and easily the lowest skill to play of any Brawler. This would stop her from just pushing endlessly until her extra 50 speed finally pays off.
To compensate, she should be able to do more damage. So now if you get caught in a Rosa's range, bad luck, but at least it's harder to get caught in the first place.


She's either OP at something or god-awful at it, no in between. If you think about it, she's not actually that strong, since most brawlers either out-range her (literally everyone but tanks, Sandy, Bibi, Mortis, and Nita), or have a way of getting up close quickly (Mortis, tanks, Bibi), or just straight-up storm her out of nowhere (Rosa and Sandy).
That leaves only Nita and Frank who are truly countered by Emz, and their ranges fall perfectly in her 'sweet spot' of three ticks of damage (4.67-6 tiles). Everyone else just doesn't want to go near that particular three-tick range.
Besides her DPS, when she's not using all three ticks of damage she just becomes a weaker version of Tara. Overall just a very skewered brawler who needs substantial fixing, in both directions. Even her SPs; one is OP and one is horrible.
Emz is a brawler about AoE, just like Poco and Sandy, but uniquely she struggles at close range. She's currently quite strong in spacey situations, so opening up a weakness of less health makes her slightly easier to approach without taking 7000 damage. Also increases the value of Hype since it now restores a bigger percentage of her health.
She can't hit shots. Not because it takes aim (it really doesn't; how do you miss a 55 degree spread attack?), but because people are physically just running away far enough so that they don't get hit. In modes like Siege and Gem Grab playing her is tedious because her attack is like Frank's delay; it takes her attack 1.5 seconds to reach the end, and in that time a normal brawler can run roughly 2.6 tiles back, giving her an effective range of 3.67 tiles (same as Mortis' attack indication). I'll speed the attack up too, but this one is also going to make her 'sweet spot' slightly harder to pull off since there's an extra length of two ticks of damage.
This... is a buff and a nerf at the same time. While it addresses her lack of range since the spray doesn't travel enough, it also does punishing damage while it just sits there, and often people strafe back into the hairspray accidentally.
This change will make the spray travel faster so Emz will have an easier time hitting enemies at the end of her range, it won't spend as much time staying on the map so enemies won't take that much damage, and even give her a subtle offload buff of roughly +200ms (cooldown is still a thing so it's not 300).
Bad Karma is OP. We all know that, and how much an AoE brawler whose playstyle is similar to Poco is being used everywhere in Heist.
Now she'll do less overall damage (2520 2316), which will help since she can't burst Rosa down anymore, makes her less hopeless at close range (arguably the most defenseless in the whole game, no way you can hit shots for more damage, no escape, no special ability since Super does such little damage), and stop the exponential growth of Bad Karma when collecting power cubes (used to be +20% per tick, got gradually stronger in SD with power cubes), which basically made the pesky 11 cube Emz completely immortal.
Hype won't ever be good, even if it heals 800, because if you ever have to use your Super, there's generally someone at close range, which means you're toast anyway. But giving value to teammates would increase her overall utility, sort of like Gene's Magic Puffs.
This one is just a little idea, and one I'm quite proud of. What do you think?


Why is that a thing? All this hype and memery built around Brock's fourth ammo slot, and then it's all come crashing through the floor because Max has four ammo and nobody knows why. I'm watching Max players in SD just go face-to-face against a Shelly and win because of the extra ammo slot. That said, she should be viable at close range, but not like this. People have reached new levels of cockiness with that extra ammo, and this will bring Run'N'Gun down a little too.
This one is subtle and doesn't slow her box break speed down. I personally strongly discourage close range combat as Max, and people are using her in Heist and even Boss Fight for her DPS. This makes her better designed for mid-range combat.
Just to compensate. It also makes her playstyle much closer to Bo, Tara and Leon, and less like Rico and Colt. She feels rather frail anyway, and often gets three or four tapped in the blink of an eye.
Now if she doesn't have a fourth ammo slot at least she can reload ammo faster. It takes a while to shoot anyway.
It was too slow, and people were better off annoying some random Sandy instead of spinning in a bush for half a minute to get their Supers. Now playing passive also has its reward since there's no risk of dying when spinning inside a bush.


For a support, Sandy did a lot of damage. He'd just walk up to some random Pam and start melting her away with a constant stream of an attack that's impossible to dodge. This one punishes that Power 6/7/8 Sandy at 800 trophies (what a piece of shit that random is, no Star Power at that trophy range...) since they won't be able to do 1.2k damage anymore. It also brings him back down to earth and a 'Support' instead of 'specialises-in-Bo-Assassination-who-can-kill-anyone'.
It's anti-regen, I understand that. But right now some are choosing just to stay in the shroud. Now it'll sting a bit more since your average brawler that isn't Frank the Tank will lose a third of their health by staying there.
You know why, and so do I. The Sandy just has perpetual invisibility, just like Leon, but it charges easier, lasts longer, can have effects on enemies, can heal teammates, AND APPLIES TO THE WHOLE TEAM. Quite a lot of perks for something that just charges as you flank people down.
His range is a little bit short, which is encouraging bushcamping and brainless gameplay. Given the damage reduction, I want hitting a mid-range to be plausible as well. At least now he can shoot further than Nita, Darryl and Frank, brawlers he struggles against.
It's also a subtle nerf to his projectile speed, since it now takes longer for the attack to reach the end. He can literally shoot around walls at the moment.
Of all Brawlers, how come he gets extra speed? I notice it a lot when playing Sandy, and he's just an outlier in the data. Putting it back where it belongs. It's also what really makes his attack stand out, since it travels so fast, and since Sandy is fast that makes his shot so easy to connect.


Put simply, Tick's mines would still be in a triangle, but further away from each other. This takes away the possibility that two mines hit you at the same time (a brawler's hitbox is ~1.33 tiles), but make him better at pinching down.
Tick made the whole game slow. Once he starts vomiting ammo at a bottleneck, it's just a traffic light. The match just stops while the opposite team sits there waiting for his mines to go. Players are basically just denied the ability to travel to certain places just because there's 8600 damage worth of mines lying there.
Tick's furthest mine could hit you from just longer than the screen vertically, at 10.67 tiles. That was not okay. Having 8 tiles still gives him an advantage over the other throwers, but at least you can see where the airstrike is coming from now.


She just never runs out of ammo. With her recent health and big damage buff, it's possible for her to just keep juking enemies at close range, consistently being able to kill 8-Bits and Pams at close range just by running in circles, and it's impossible for Nita to miss her attack. In team play, given her pierce attack she'll charge her Super much faster than most brawlers, and little effort was paying off a lot. Even with this change she'll still retain her quick ammo, but it's enough to make most Nita players hesitate before throwing ammo away.
Other brawlers can use their Supers when in a duel, such as Tara using her portal to initate attacks, or using Bibi's bubble as a finisher, but Nita's bear is simply not meant to help her in a duel. It should not be able to charge fast enough, since it's capable of moving and fighting on its own. This will stop Nita, an already independent and strong brawler, from spontaneously spawning an extra half a brawler every single duel. The bear is much more intimidating with a Star Power, to the point where once the bear is in the battle whoever is it Nita is fighting is usually doomed.
That said, the bear does have a lot of weaknesses. It's basically a single-use, not just short range, but literally coded to chase enemies until it dies. This gives a non-SP bear more potential in pursuit and even agility to some degree.


So just to recap, before his damage buff, Colt sucked. A lot. That was because he was too similar to Rico, but with less range, no spread, thinner bullets, no bounce, less DPS, less bullets in Super, and slower Super charge speed. The only edges he had over Rico were 200 more health and 200 more damage. Highlighting these changes by adding more buffs to them would set them apart, and give Colt situations where he would be used.
Giving him that subtle health boost also provides another option of gameplay, sort of like how Leon was when he was at his worst, like a glass bushcamper. A frail brawler that could be used well at close range due to sheer burst damage, which is made even stronger with the recent buff. (Can confirm, the amount of effort it takes to kill a Colt as Mortis/Bibi means he'll easily qualify.)
In perspective, 8-Bit and Rico both have 5 degrees of spread. Shelly has 25 degrees, and Poco has 80 degrees of spread. Sometimes a few of Rico's bullets will bounce on a corner but the others won't.
The bulleted brawlers shoot multiple attacks, which means it's like landing a sniper shot except the bullet moves slower, you must keep strafing along to keep doing damage, and only then are you able to possibly do it four or five times per ammo slot.
So a lot of people naturally turn toward autoaiming, also nobody has time to think and act when it's Overtime in Brawl Ball. The spread of 5 degrees does not show up on Rico and 8-Bit's attacks, but it does give their projectile size a boost. Autoaiming with Colt does not have the same effect, since he shoots entirely in a straight line. This applies to Dynamike too, no matter how much damage is increased, if you can't hit a shot in the first place the buff won't do anything.
So giving Colt spread finally gives him equal autoaim privileges to 8-Bit and Rico, and the absolute newbies who've chosen to play Colt will have a much better time playing without skill.
Colt takes a relatively short amount of time to physically shoot out the ammo slot, and once these buffs are in place the flow of ammo should be slowed down. This stops his DPS from being high as a kite in Heist, which he's probably going to dominate really hard soon with a DPS of almost 1200, and gives him a new role of 'if you get hit and strafe with him that is going to suck a lot'.


Bull just doesn't feel like much of a tank right now. He has a whopping 100 more health than Pam. With one of the shortest ranges in the game, he basically gets melted by everyone. There even was a point where Bull didn't stand a chance against a Steel Hoops Darryl. That may not be so anymore, but that doesn't change how badly he needs a buff. This is bringing back the health he had before that October nerf that nobody can explain to this day.
Also subtly buffs Berserker and Tough Guy since they'll activate at a higher health now.


At the moment Jessie's damage is basically ignored because of her sad reload, and depends on her turret way too much. Often those who pick Penny instead are also trying to inflict the extra damage, though Jessie should never do the same damage as Penny, because the bounce can potentially be more dangerous to enemies in more situations. She'll now be able to kill a box with five attacks instead of six, but can't go around picking off Shellies like Penny players can with 1260 damage. It'll help her in a base race since randoms insist on picking her in Heist.
She'll also take one less hit to kill Carl, who is pretty much her hardest counter in the whole game.


At first this might actually mess Dynamike mains up quite badly. But once they get used to it I believe it'll be easier to land shots and not die up close since there's less possibilities of enemy movement when the bombs blow quicker (less time to juke). Mostly the buff is to make landing one stick of dynamite more painful, since hitting two is extremely difficult, and that's how it is meant to be.
It's also a slight nerf to Dyna-jump, which should only really be used to dodge a Super or flip over an annoying wall generating a bottleneck, not constantly jump and refuse to take damage in the poison. Strong players were too skilled with Dynamike and bad players were too... bad.
Dynamike =/= Tick. Tick does a ridiculous amount of damage, but it takes a lot of brainless gameplay to actually get hit by all three mines. Dynamike's attacks should be sort of accurate but hurt the most consistently. So now with this buff there's the possibility that if enemies don't juke well enough at close range they might actually die.
This is also very FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR to Mortis, who takes exactly five sticks of dynamite to kill now. Just some defense against a brawler who can now three-shot him without taking much damage at all.
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RoboVac G30 Edge Review by Digital Trends

Digital Trends recently reviewed eufy’s upcoming RoboVac G30 Edge, giving it a 4.5 ⭐️ rating!
“The Eufy RoboVac G30 Edge ($399) is a robot vacuum with a great app and features that make it stress-free and amazingly easy to use. Surprisingly, it isn’t the most inexpensive bot vac: It is on the low end and can be a good option for those that don’t want to pay a fortune on premium vac brands like iRobot or Ecovacs. There was very little I didn’t like about this cleaning bot, and that’s saying a lot since I rarely find robot vacuums to be useful or efficient. This is what I learned as I tested the G30 Edge.”

Read Full Review Here


This seemingly suggests to indicate that the launch of eufy’s RoboVac G30 series – after being delayed multiple times – is probably imminent!
Have you been waiting for eufy’s first non-hybrid robotic vacuums with smart dynamic navigation? Be sure to let us know with a reply!
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[Review Update] SharkIQ R101AE vs Neato D7 vs Roomba S9+

My house is carpet, tile in only wet areas, about 2100 sqft, one floor, wide open areas, not a lot of furniture in the way, 2 people, 1 border collie/lab mix, 1 European shorthair(TIL) cat.
DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a thorough test/review. Had the D7 for 2 months, the Shark for a single day, and currently the S9 for about a week. All prices are with certain discounts except the S9+ is a refurb from eBay. This is MY use case, especially when it comes to fur and furniture and open house floor plan. This was created mainly because I was seeing way to many positive reviews of the Shark and Shark was pushing free models HARD to a lot of people. They even offered me an additional 40% off when I wanted to return the bot.
Feature Shark D7 S9+
Run Time Will need multiple charges to do the whole house. I've ran it THREE times and it hasn't even been able to clean 2 rooms. Has been cleaning the same few rooms because it can't find the dock... Needs to charge once for whole house. Can do full clean of public areas (rooms closed out about 1500sqft), in TURBO mode, with some left over. At full power, it has to charge a around 3 times to finish the house on 1 pass mode.
Battery Charge 4 Hours from 0 - full. Has to charge FULL before continuing About 3 hours from 0 - full. Has to charge FULL before continuing About 3 hours to full, BUT goes back to cleaning after about 1.5 hours.
Find Dock (Same location in house for both) Says it's docking, but instead continues cleaning (?) and has no idea where the dock is unless it's inches from it. Beeline to the dock, no problem No problems finding dock
Mapping Has to run multiple times to get a map. Not sure what the number is as the low battery means it's going to need a lot of cycles. (Apparently it's 10 full clean cycles) LIDAR is clear winner here! Able to map in one clean cycle but the clean cycle needs to finish WITHOUT any interruptions. Once mapped, for some reason it always ignored the back of the couch even though there was plenty of room for it go behind there. Could not update map. If it missed a room, you had to delete the map and start the training all over. Needs a 5-8 clean cycles, BUT it does have a "training mode" where it maps the house WITHOUT cleaning. Less battery usage, shorter time needed. Map can be updated without starting over
NoGoLines No (Maybe future update?). With it's low profile, it looks like I don't need it, it did get stuck on a ledge though Yes. Needed it to stop it from going under some furniture. Yes. Haven't been able to test them out yet, still waiting on map...
Cleaning Pattern This is an odd one... Doesn't do exact straight lines but are slightly slanted(?). There is an invisible section in my living room that it doesn't seem to want to clean. Just goes back and fourth. Doesn't seem to care about areas it missed Tries to map out rooms by making a perimeter, then cleans the inside. The lines are actually straight. Does a great job in making sure the missed areas are cleaned before moving on. Almost acts like the D7 but it is missing a lot of the rooms in my house the multiple times I've ran it. It also has different clean passes. Auto where it could clean big rooms in 1 pass or small rooms in 2 or more. One pass for whole house. Or two passes for whole house.
Maneuverability I felt like it tried to get around things a bit better than the D7 but it would give up too easily. Would keep trying to get around certain chair legs. Actually did a great job trying to get every inch of the floor No problems here and it has ledge detection. Looks like it thinks there is a ledge when it goes from carpet to tile. This happens sometimes.
Profile Great low profile but got stuck on ledges that D7 was able to get out of Gets stuck under some furniture as the lidar makes it just tall enough(only a negative when mapping for the first time. Had to babysit it a bit) Low profile No problems getting under furniture that D7 couldn't.
Resume Clean Not sure... as I've always had to manually dock it and it seems to just restart. Works perfectly after charging. Works perfectly after charging.
Clean Modes Always cleans in normal mode, have to manually set to Turbo every time. Can't set in schedule Can set default clean mode and also adjust modes in schedule Has adjustable modes. Technically 3 thresholds of quiet, normal, turbo, but it's a slider. So you can choose in between the settings as well.
Software Can't say much about it. Seems to work ok, just no map yet... Can't tell if it's docking because of low battery or because it's bin is full Lost connection to wifi a couple of times I had it. Lost map of house 3 times and had to redo it. If a room is missed while mapping, you'll have to delete the map and start all over again. Notifications don't tell you if the scheduled cleaning has started, just when it finishes, sometimes walked into an unclean house because of this. Winner of the 3. Seems more polished and feature rich, but there are some set backs. When the robot is in a clean cycle, and it needs your input to resume, you can't for some reason access the settings to locate the bot, unless I'm doing something wrong here...
Dust Bin Very small and had very tight areas for debris to flow through Biggest one of all robo vacs, as of now. Still had to dump it out after every clean (3 times a week) Bigger than the Shark but no where near D7 size.
Auto Clean Dock Yes. Yes it's loud but it's for a few seconds. No need to purchase bags. Clear window to see when it's full No Yes. Also loud for a few seconds. I think it works better than the Shark as it had a bigger suction opening for the dock. It did get clogged with all of my pets hairs, the first time of use, so I had to manually dump the robo bin before continuing (Guess my house was dirtier than I though).
Hair Tangle Yes, right down the middle Yes, All throughout the brush and bearings, came with its own brush/slicer to clean it. Kinda a pain to have to do every time Yes, had tangling in the middle and at the bearings as well, BUT it's the easiest to clean of the 3.
Overall Cleaning Didn't pick up all debris even on Turbo mode. The worst of the 3 I felt like this thing picked up a lot from the carpet. The bin being full every time was a good sign that it was doing very well. Tie with D7
Side Brushes Has 2 with 1 arm and actually spins on the carpet. Slow moving and long enough to send debris to brush Has one with 5 arms and struggles to spin on the carpet and gets all warped because of it. Spins a bit fast on tile so it tends to throw things around. Tie with D7
Repairs Not easy to get your hands on individual parts Not sure Can get a lot of the items like the bag, filter, brush, wheels, battery for a lot cheaper than 1st party
Retail Price as of posting $450 $830 $1400
My Purchase Price (w/tax) $431 (Shark site) $685 (Bed Bath & Beyond) $900 (eBay refurb/store demo)
TL;DR [10/04/1029] Returne the Shark, D7 wins by a long shot, and testing out the Roomba S9+ next, especially for the no hair tangle and better mapping. If not, will return that and probably go back to the Neato unless something else comes along. I know these 3 are not in the same price point. I'm just looking for one the works overall.
TL;DR [10/10/1029] At $900 the s9+ is STILL expensive as hell and the price cut is nice. I think I will stick with it. The D7 pissed me off when I lost the map multiple times and I had to babysit it each time to get the map back up. It also lost connection from the wifi a few times. The features of the Roomba are way more polished and offer more options for the robot. I love the fact that I don't have to worry too much of the hair tangle and cleaning the bin constantly unless the filter gets gross or gets clogged.
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Help selecting a robotic vacuum cleaner in a developing country? EUFY RoboVac 11 vs Roomba 606 vs Deebot 500

In the market for my first robotic vacuum cleaner, but the prices are different than in other countries so i'm looking for some advice on what to get.
Options (prices converted to $) are:
I'm open to spending a touch more if needed, but would ideally like to stay in this range.
Thanks in advance!
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PLA's Most Used Words

According to the automatically gernerated subtitles on youtube, these are the most used words from PLA shows.
28513 the
27359 i
21476 you
19489 a
17908 to
15575 and
12021 that
9509 in
8929 it
8713 on
8043 for
7864 i'm
7567 is
7002 like
6863 know
6033 your
6031 this
5627 me
5560 have
5207 just
5092 so
4950 not
4887 yeah
4727 okay
4703 but
4701 are
4600 don't
4588 we
4410 my
4333 up
4144 with
4132 all
4130 be
4112 was
4031 can
4011 what
3989 at
3955 now
3944 he
3647 do
3604 it's
3469 call
3467 of
3263 from
3256 no
3064 think
2984 if
2870 get
2824 here
2792 gonna
2784 about
2749 there
2599 one
2559 or
2498 you're
2491 really
2488 they
2457 phone
2410 out
2283 well
2232 that's
2126 as
2120 right
2090 show
1941 her
1935 people
1918 them
1916 number
1909 by
1849 because
1848 an
1767 back
1722 got
1705 when
1704 how
1703 go
1674 some
1665 good
1625 she
1542 yes
1522 their
1507 am
1500 i'll
1472 time
1458 going
1450 did
1446 will
1404 our
1403 would
1328 we're
1320 had
1300 see
1287 mean
1282 name
1259 want
1222 its
1211 who
1207 his
1202 cactus
1195 been
1184 then
1160 thing
1160 say
1148 something
1146 calling
1143 over
1142 more
1133 make
1130 where
1129 said
1114 other
1107 need
1105 there's
1095 should
1066 come
1063 way
1041 were
1029 work
1028 him
1020 could
1020 any
1010 oh
993 why
992 has
991 actually
989 tell
959 didn't
934 let
926 us
909 down
906 new
904 he's
898 sorry
890 maybe
872 yet
846 much
841 take
840 called
838 ok
834 only
831 last
827 which
825 sure
818 talk
813 wanna
813 very
811 week
807 give
804 they're
803 into
801 look
799 even
796 anything
774 home
770 thank
751 doing
748 put
729 next
700 day
698 lot
681 hear
674 after
670 again
669 can't
666 thanks
665 first
663 guy
658 everyone
649 car
644 i've
639 year
639 hello
637 two
637 these
636 never
633 play
628 love
627 calls
625 still
622 hi
621 what's
612 little
612 cuz
611 today
605 pretty
598 guess
596 ever
595 says
589 things
589 stuff
582 hey
578 kinda
574 trying
572 too
572 night
569 help
563 better
562 old
560 man
559 try
558 radio
556 um
551 also
548 great
545 live
542 p
533 doesn't
531 before
529 she's
529 another
527 three
527 house
526 money
523 prank
521 talking
517 numbers
508 use
504 every
502 those
497 guys
489 probably
485 idea
476 alright
475 through
475 off
474 air
468 someone
461 own
456 than
456 problem
456 message
455 getting
448 stop
444 room
440 person
438 big
438 being
437 find
436 does
436 check
435 real
433 bad
431 listening
431 keep
430 please
429 around
424 many
421 remember
420 while
418 ago
413 few
409 though
407 fuck
405 everything
403 whole
403 done
400 apartment
398 listen
396 minutes
396 let's
396 com
395 whatever
395 tonight
395 fun
390 years
390 song
386 left
384 long
379 heard
377 voice
377 care
377 anyway
374 might
371 job
370 music
367 looking
367 coming
366 pay
365 free
364 place
364 dot
363 thought
363 god
362 shit
360 uh
360 hang
358 told
355 already
353 same
351 funny
350 morning
346 ask
344 hope
342 leave
341 hour
339 best
338 m
337 weird
337 area
334 may
331 roy
329 nice
327 somebody
326 feel
325 water
322 users
322 google
322 computer
320 else
317 made
312 five
312 cool
310 office
309 bit
306 crazy
304 party
304 dollars
303 sleep
303 read
302 happy
300 answer
299 pick
298 shows
294 box
293 stupid
292 nothing
291 wrong
291 having
289 start
287 believe
286 here's
285 arm
283 wanted
283 lady
282 turn
282 lol
282 happen
281 away
279 customer
276 enough
275 facebook
273 always
271 fine
269 hard
267 corporate
265 life
264 store
263 k
262 telephone
262 saying
262 news
261 part
261 company
260 couple
259 account
258 awesome
257 change
255 hold
255 book
253 understand
253 making
252 skype
252 definitely
252 cell
250 minute
247 happened
247 found
247 bring
243 fucking
240 point
239 since
239 open
239 internet
237 working
237 gotta
237 girl
236 sound
236 looks
234 went
234 business
232 we'll
232 times
232 i'd
230 telefon
228 information
227 practice
226 cut
225 yep
225 police
225 earlier
224 hell
224 anyone
223 twitter
223 high
223 caller
222 video
222 hours
219 started
219 gone
219 came
219 both
218 wait
218 set
218 four
216 sir
215 send
215 least
215 anymore
214 month
214 mister
213 door
213 different
213 chat
211 we've
211 nobody
211 most
211 brad
210 later
209 slash
209 line
208 won't
208 wasn't
208 ii
207 wall
207 friend
206 paul
205 question
204 sounds
204 mom
203 white
203 sent
203 second
201 word
201 used
201 email
200 haven't
198 early
197 order
197 mother
195 wants
195 voicemail
195 address
193 kind
192 using
192 manager
192 hung
191 service
190 tried
189 under
189 school
189 kids
188 you'll
188 t
188 card
187 wouldn't
187 crap
186 works
186 reason
185 youtube
185 mike
185 end
184 able
183 joke
183 hilarious
183 each
183 buy
182 either
181 such
180 break
179 street
179 late
179 bill
178 re
178 machine
176 took
176 ahead
174 you've
173 game
172 soon
170 quick
170 once
169 myself
169 knows
169 id
168 past
168 goes
167 run
165 church
163 system
163 list
162 movie
162 hit
162 customers
161 tomorrow
161 pizza
161 matter
161 drive
160 top
160 taking
160 days
159 watch
159 record
159 months
159 damn
159 completely
158 reference
158 quit
158 miss
158 hundred
158 course
157 post
157 pictures
156 story
156 everybody
156 asking
155 world
155 listeners
155 exactly
154 near
154 entire
152 black
151 seen
151 fuckin
151 ass
150 website
150 sign
150 half
149 town
149 picture
149 personal
149 against
148 far
147 weeks
147 s
147 ready
147 mind
147 gave
146 together
146 thinking
146 forget
146 apparently
145 speak
144 walmart
144 press
144 others
144 group
142 hate
142 building
141 page
141 means
140 saw
140 power
140 poor
140 playing
140 employees
139 third
139 department
139 asked
138 skunkworks
138 podcast
138 city
137 code
137 amazing
136 family
135 quite
135 baby
134 who's
134 needed
134 fire
133 seems
133 allowed
132 without
132 stay
132 station
132 per
132 linear
132 case
131 welcome
131 paid
131 names
131 deal
131 bunch
130 recording
130 basically
129 security
129 request
129 hot
129 head
129 act
128 known
127 state
127 oil
127 mine
126 side
126 makes
126 mail
126 front
126 dollar
125 isn't
125 during
125 angry
125 almost
124 credit
124 close
123 sucks
123 sell
123 lost
122 small
122 seven
122 r
122 notes
122 kevin
121 possible
121 law
121 cant
121 busy
120 thats
120 hand
120 friends
120 comes
119 plan
119 must
119 fault
119 cannot
118 sex
118 inside
118 hopefully
118 behind
118 bed
117 wife
117 true
117 text
117 six
117 park
117 michael
117 carlito
116 within
116 link
116 government
116 fact
115 problems
115 ma'am
115 kid
114 o'clock
114 local
114 john
113 until
113 sick
113 fucker
113 chinese
112 truck
112 special
112 paper
112 moment
112 interesting
111 name's
111 issue
111 fix
111 dumb
111 bucks
111 appreciate
110 track
110 meet
110 kill
110 happens
109 x
109 supposed
109 living
109 important
108 sense
108 public
108 posted
108 phones
108 lake
108 key
107 yourself
107 watching
107 single
107 normal
106 unit
106 tree
106 kept
106 figure
106 dead
106 couldn't
106 chris
105 you'd
105 write
105 named
105 less
104 yesterday
104 usually
104 gets
103 wish
103 red
103 hanging
103 earth
103 dog
103 bitch
102 york
102 they've
102 telling
102 running
102 pic
102 messages
102 glad
102 craigslist
101 totally
101 search
101 giving
101 face
101 checked
100 wow
100 return
100 episode
100 eight
100 camera
99 weekend
99 taken
99 several
99 outside
99 nine
99 neighborhood
99 instead
99 hotel
99 e
99 birthday
99 bell
98 worked
98 sort
98 shut
98 rest
98 clean
98 charge
98 carter
98 between
97 twenty
97 org
97 madhouse
97 mad
97 damage
96 star
96 share
96 online
96 haha
96 future
96 damnit
95 thousand
95 richard
95 issues
95 ball
95 although
94 site
94 ones
94 insurance
94 im
93 test
93 mexico
93 hair
93 frank
93 easy
92 shirt
92 report
92 gym
92 girls
92 fast
92 available
91 met
91 longer
91 david
91 conference
91 breaking
90 speaking
90 seem
90 plate
90 boy
89 type
89 space
89 finally
89 comment
89 anybody
89 alone
88 suck
88 stream
88 snow
88 low
88 it'll
88 ah
87 win
87 whether
87 tv
87 serious
87 save
87 obviously
87 huge
87 enjoy
87 chatroom
86 yell
86 voicemails
86 note
86 min
86 horrible
86 friday
86 extra
85 upset
85 photos
85 click
84 walk
84 trouble
84 thinks
84 talked
84 shouldn't
84 picked
84 move
84 full
84 favorite
83 wondering
83 team
83 print
83 played
83 photo
83 d
83 brought
82 words
82 selling
82 leaving
82 floor
82 contact
81 recorded
81 random
81 pool
81 perfect
81 owner
81 needs
81 missed
81 desk
81 background
80 waiting
80 turned
80 sale
80 aren't
80 answering
79 window
79 support
79 short
79 million
79 jerk
79 ideas
79 hurt
79 fan
79 army
79 apartments
78 wrote
78 somewhere
78 sky
78 green
78 fight
78 cup
78 certain
78 cat
78 boring
78 bar
78 america
77 wonder
77 wake
77 ten
77 summer
77 rather
77 operator
77 monday
77 main
77 happening
77 country
76 tired
76 th
76 social
76 noticed
76 media
76 given
76 gas
76 clear
76 actual
75 worth
75 thirty
75 liar
75 fifty
75 correct
75 center
75 blue
74 yours
74 quality
74 losers
73 show's
73 saturday
73 rate
73 permission
73 mobile
73 light
73 food
73 copy
73 confused
73 college
73 apologize
72 tweets
72 toilet
72 program
72 nope
72 middle
72 mention
72 mark
72 heart
72 cock
72 button
72 blah
71 yelp
71 woman
71 view
71 tape
71 songs
71 sometimes
71 putting
71 outta
71 n
71 member
71 interested
71 feed
71 excuse
71 disconnected
71 dark
71 christmas
71 bank
70 whenever
70 west
70 united
70 smart
70 paying
70 holy
70 follow
70 except
70 comcast
70 cause
70 catch
69 won
69 url
69 smoke
69 road
69 reach
69 neighbors
69 likely
69 lead
69 iphone
69 indian
69 hearing
69 cost
69 complete
68 questions
68 property
68 license
68 form
68 finished
68 c
67 yard
67 windows
67 sending
67 reading
67 places
67 password
67 parents
67 loud
67 learn
67 immediately
67 higher
67 gary
67 file
67 chance
67 attitude
67 attack
66 yellow
66 sitting
66 plane
66 picking
66 peter
66 notice
66 letter
66 dude
66 dad
66 add
65 son
65 showed
65 offer
65 matt
65 laugh
65 kidding
65 eyes
65 cover
65 class
65 cards
65 bathroom
65 anywhere
65 anna
65 american
65 'em
64 videos
64 survey
64 seriously
64 scott
64 rules
64 missus
64 mailbox
64 knew
64 jesus
64 info
64 houses
64 hack
64 forwarded
64 dick
64 contest
64 art
64 along
63 sister
63 rbc
63 pre
63 pranks
63 network
63 lives
63 hoping
63 gay
63 fat
63 eat
63 changed
63 canada
63 areas
62 receiving
62 often
62 large
62 hole
62 gold
62 forms
62 clearly
61 yahoo
61 wearing
61 trip
61 review
61 rent
61 reached
61 peace
61 non
61 meant
61 lose
61 l
61 idiot
61 fair
61 data
61 curse
61 con
61 complain
61 cash
61 block
61 below
61 appeal
61 agree
60 worry
60 tom
60 services
60 pissed
60 members
60 kitchen
60 g
60 die
60 death
60 control
60 common
60 barely
60 answered
59 young
59 wat
59 upon
59 uk
59 scam
59 quiet
59 moved
59 legal
59 killer
59 feeling
59 cars
59 blockbuster
59 balls
59 ad
58 worst
58 rock
58 pl
58 pet
58 oregon
58 net
58 lately
58 ice
58 husband
58 dial
58 collar
58 christian
58 children
58 broken
57 ugly
57 theme
57 stick
57 shop
57 pop
57 poop
57 plae
57 percent
57 ninety
57 mmm
57 looked
57 lee
57 forgot
57 everyone's
57 current
57 cacti
57 cable
57 board
57 beer
57 allow
57 added
56 worse
56 sup
56 promise
56 miles
56 liked
56 letting
56 la
56 iraq
56 forty
56 fake
56 explain
56 decided
56 conversation
56 club
56 boss
56 bomb
56 body
56 accidentally
56 accept
55 women
55 that'll
55 term
55 sunday
55 studio
55 somehow
55 sold
55 shirts
55 row
55 rob
55 regular
55 pain
55 king
55 illegal
55 figured
55 employee
55 drugs
55 california
54 trash
54 they'll
54 spring
54 sponsored
54 luck
54 lie
54 fired
54 felt
54 emergency
54 electric
54 date
54 currently
54 clip
53 ya
53 visit
53 tho
53 slow
53 shot
53 screen
53 recently
53 ra
53 machines
53 killed
53 kick
53 hurry
53 girlfriend
53 feet
53 everywhere
53 doubt
53 court
53 apple
53 absolutely
52 yelling
52 whoever
52 washington
52 tank
52 stuck
52 scared
52 rain
52 pope
52 microphone
52 lucky
52 legend
52 involved
52 handle
52 goodbye
52 freak
52 drop
52 creepy
52 captain
52 brother
51 walls
51 target
51 stickers
51 sad
51 policy
51 michelle
51 mall
51 leader
51 james
51 however
51 hockey
51 heat
51 doctor
51 dinner
51 complaining
51 child
51 bedroom
50 taxes
50 steal
50 shower
50 ride
50 ran
50 national
50 mess
50 interview
50 he'll
50 games
50 following
50 contract
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50 coast
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Final Burn Alpha v0.2.97.42 is out

Fixes and new features
Fixes and new features
New drivers
More info and downloads available at
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